13 May

Random ~ not usually my style!
But I’ve kind of gotten into the habit of writing thoughts down, so here goes!

tweeted 5-8-12

When I saw this tweet the phrase “being satisfied in this glory” leaped out at me. That’s the entire point of the little journey God has me on. Really, I need to be satisfied in His Glory. Oh I say it, it’s all for His glory, but deep down I really want to share it. He is BIG and I am little. And I need to be satisfied with Him.

My friend Vicki posted this comment that I love (and she said I could share),
“anything big or grand in us is just His reflection.”
How true! I appreciate her wisdom
and the blessing of friends who encourage me in my walk with Christ!

Then I checked back on Twitter. God confirming to me that He, indeed, is BIG! Hallelujah!

tweeted 5-8-12

but, tbh (to be honest)…I really want a really really big day, too. UGH!!!
Not liking self too much at this moment!!!

Random Family Moments ~

sick day

all 3 boys had fevers. Blew my plans for school, but we were able to have an impromptu family movie day, and I was able to spend some time on my blogging and on the computer. In fact, I got my entire Essentials lesson done – power point and all! 🙂 fyi – Essentials is a middle school class that I co-teach at church on Wednesday nights. So I’m feeling ahead of the game, and giving thanks in a yucky situation (yuckier for them than me)

thankful for my youngest showing discernment as they all watch a movie. He was able to identify a lack of self-control in one of the characters. Maybe because he’s working on that in his own life?

thankful that the boys recognize the power of prayer, and that’s where they head when they’re down – either physically or stressed. Hope I can teach them that they need to focus on God and pray at all times, especially in the good times.

thankful for a wise husband who helped me decide whether or not to attend a used homeschool curriculum sale. I was really torn, so he said, “If you have any questions, don’t go.” I didn’t, and the very things I was looking for weren’t there anyway! (Thanks, Wendy, for being my eyes!)

PS – thankful that tonight I finally put away the thermometer!! Still have a few sniffles, but appetites are back to normal. Yea! Then my 13yo said, “Can we just talk before I go to bed?” – and that was instead of reading!! (which, for him, is a very, very big deal! He’s my bookworm!) Double Yea! 🙂

Random thoughts from church ~

encouraged that 2 young guys with Bibles and journals sat next to me on Sunday. Felt hope for the next generation!

love it when worship songs from the weekend create a playlist in my mind throughout the week!

So there you have it.
My crazy brain on paper (or on the screen might be better).
What random thoughts are running through your mind right now?


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3 responses to “random

  1. acupofearlgreywithme

    May 14, 2012 at 8:47 am

    That is a very BIG day! A day with all three sick. How refreshing to see a thankful heart with such a challenge. I not only appreciate your optimism, but your faith and trust in God to allow Him to dictate the moments of your day. Wow! Look at what He has made of it! Pretty neat!! Big hugs to you as you continue to care for those sweet growing boys of yours!

    • Michelle Eichner

      May 15, 2012 at 2:39 pm

      Has anyone told you that you have the gift of encouragement? I’m sure they have. I appreciate you, my friend! Hugs to you in your care of your crew!! Have any flown the coop yet? I know they’re getting there. Love ya!

      • acupofearlgreywithme

        May 15, 2012 at 4:26 pm

        How sweet to say, and you as well!!! 🙂
        I have one about to graduate this month. He will be attending the University of GA in the fall as a Biology major. He is thinking of becoming a dentist. God has been slowly preparing me for the change of the family dynamic. Ben has been working, involved with football (Over now), attending school clubs, leading worship for the student band at church and the Christian club at school… I count it a blessing when he is home. I know it will still be a big adjustment in the fall. 😦


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