1000 gifts May 2012

30 May

24 – the smell of gardenia on a morning run

25 – the smell of jasmine on a morning run

26 – girls that inspire and encourage me on a morning run

27 – rain, but not a downpour on us, during a morning run

28 – co-teaching “Essentials” with Allans on Wednesday nights

29 – watching God’s gifts in Allans as he teaches

30 – lessons learned about “little” so that

31 – I could say “no” to a part-time job/ministry possibility with confidence

32 – boys’ laughter

33 – boys’ creativity

34 – boys’ energy (although many times I want them to settle down!!)

36 – safety at Park Day

37 – my teenager, Nathan, saying “I don’t want to be a bad teenager.”

38 – God putting the same idea on my heart and Tim’s heart – without us talking about it (This is one of my
favorite gifts! I love it when that happens. It provides such confirmation to me)

39 – the opportunities Nathan has to serve at church

40 – Nathan’s perspective: “I don’t need to go to Belle Glade. It’s coming here.” – reference to the opportunities to share Christ with neighbors at the park.

41 – random text from a neighbor asking to help her kid plug into youth group

42 – Birthdays in April (forgot to put that one there! ;-))

43 – the fact that the boys don’t want a ton of stuff or people for birthday celebrations

44 – being able to pull off an outside birthday celebration inside due to rain, but everyone still had a good time!

45 – Night of Worship at Christ Fellowship Royal Palm

46 – seeing worship leaders kneeling before God in prayer and worship on the stage

47 – students crowding the front of the church to worship, hands high in the air

48 – Freedom in Christ!

49 – Victory in Christ!

50 – “The enemy is under your feet. We are free. We are free!”

51 – “Thank you for caring about me, mommy”

52 – brothers encouraging each other

53 – Youth pastor who sees gifts in my son and calls them out in him by giving him a chance to speak the message in middle school ministries

54 – Youth pastor who encourages my son to go for it and not team-teach with anyone! I think he sees more in my child than I do. Or at least he has more faith than I do!

55 – health

56 – homeschooling and the ability to take an easy day if necessary

57 – boys realizing they need to look to God in tough times

58 – God’s healing hand

59 – unexpected movie days

60 – Grandpa preaching in Philadelphia at the same time Nathan was co-teaching middle school in FL! And his topic was: God can use you at any age!! Only God orchestrates that!! Hallelujah! 🙂

61 – rain! we’ve needed it

62 – running partners and Kerri’s heel being better

63 – no rain during our air soft activity – specific request, specific answer

64 – no rain during our life group picnic

65 – boys working well together without a ref at the air soft activity – specific request, specific answer

66 – boys having fun together at the air soft activity – specific request, specific answer

67 – amazing group of parents who helped out with the life group picnic

68 – seeing maturity and growth in my oldest

69 – seeing God’s word wash the mind of my youngest

70 – hearing brothers ready to defend each other against “the outside” (even though we might need a little coaching on the how of this :-))

71 – boys working hard at school

72 – opportunity to be salt and light in our neighborhood

73 – opportunity for my oldest to be a light in the local middle school during band

74 – laughter

75 – the wisdom of my husband

76 – the confidence of knowing who I am in Christ

78 – a perfect Mother’s Day!

79 – eating wings on Mother’s Day! – yummy!

80 – both feet massaged simultaneously on Mother’s Day! – sigh of happiness 🙂

81 – seeing the boys enjoy the greater gift of giving rather than receiving

82 – compassion in my youngest during his birthday party. Playing Kick The Can and someone from the park came over to play. David said, “I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.” So the new boy played along as well. 🙂

83 – specific Scriptures to help my boy wash his mind with the water of the Word – specific request, specific answer

84 – unexpected credit on a phone bill! Yippee!!

85 – new friends made in blog-world

86 – snuggles in the Big Blue Chair

87 – the beginning of summer for Tim

89 – one graduation speaker was a student of Tim’s who was in a serious car accident last summer, but recovered enough to speak at PBA! Lots of prayers were lifted for her last summer.

90 – Nathan’s reaction when his touch (the one he saved for and bought on his own) shattered as we left for the block party. I still am so proud of how God worked through him in that situation!

91 – our neighbor came to the Block Party, but almost didn’t. The war was won when he got in the van! (see #95)

92 – boys from the life group took our neighbor under their wings during the Block Party. I loved watching them live out their faith!!

93 – watching 1000+ kids have a blast with extreme things – bungee run, mechanical bull, blacklight dodgeball,

a few Block Party events
photo credit

laser tag, etc.

94 – great planning by student ministries team to pull off a massive outreach event!

95 – our neighbor trusted Christ at the Block Party!!! and Nathan was able to walk with him to talk with the student ministries team

96 – Nathan saw God work and prayers answered last night!

97 – choosing an orthodontist and knowing there’s another opportunity for God to provide! 🙂

98 – a 2nd successful Birthday party, and my 3rd chocolate cake made in 4 weeks! 🙂

99 – my youngest putting a blanket on me when I fell asleep on the couch

100 – my middle man realizing that he should share goldfish – with his dad

101 – journal proposal finished!

102 – God speaking to me through His word

103 – my youngest following God’s leading to read his Bible before bed

104 – God speaking through His Word to my youngest

105 – my youngest learning how to meditate and journal. I love that it was an immediate response for him – to pick up his “Hearing God’s Voice” journal and write in it. I have hope!

106 – successful football combine for my middle man

107 – a team in WCFL next year – GO COWBOYS! again. 🙂

108 – an amazingly cool morning to run

109 – a sweet breeze outside that takes some of the sun’s heat away

110 – LOW HUMIDITY today! (one of my favorites! I keep bracing for the onslaught…)

111 – ME “I love you, Michael.” Michael: “I like me, too.” So very thankful for his confidence in who he is. That he’s embraced who God made him to be and is cool with that

112 – Michael’s creativity

113 – feeling like I’m beginning to have some online bloggy friends. yea!

114 – yet so very thankful for the real, physical, touch-y/feel-y friends God has blessed me with.

115 – 2 taco nights in a week. One with the aforementioned real, physical friends, the Duvalls

116 – families who have gone before us in the child-rearing years and are so kind to share their wisdom!

117 – Michael working doubly hard to finish school a day early! Did you hear him yelling in celebration?! 🙂

118 – classes to take at church that help us learn to be better parents

119 – a summer dinner: corn, a swim, and watermelon 🙂

120 – friends with a pool who are willing to share with us, the Duprees

121 – perfect Memorial Day cookout with Woerners, despite the rain.

122 – and even though those friends are moving, at least they’re going to the area where my parents live! This was a blessing in disguise for my youngest, since it’s his best friend moving.

123 – Mr. Nate & Mrs. Tiffany ~ their impact in our kids’ lives and their sacrifice for our country as Mr. Nate continues his deployment.

124 – A new appreciation for Memorial Day and the families that sacrifice right along with the husbands/sons/fathers/ who serve. Thank you Dan & Debbie Roselli, and Lisa Herndon.

125 – my birthday 🙂

126 – summer plans are planned!

127 – I know what we’re doing for school next year – have a focus for everyone

128 – Grandparents who speak wisdom into our boys’ lives. I’m so very grateful that both Tim’s parents and my parents are such role models and sources of wisdom for the boys.

129 – a journal orderFROM AUSTRALIA!! Hallelujah!

130 – a prayer team for the journals

131 – a review of the journals from Heart of the Matter online

132 – a journal order today from the USA and one inquiry – FROM AUSTRALIA! ONLY GOD!!!

133 – coffee with one of “my girls”, Becky. Time spent with her is always a blessing. I always leave smiling as I see God working in her life. For example, 3 year ago she was baptized. A year after that she helped baptize one of her friends & discipled her. Last year Becky’s friend led a gal to Christ and helped baptize her! Check out her blog. You’ll see what I mean!

134 – knowing God is in control and He gives wisdom in knowing how to make decisions.


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2 responses to “1000 gifts May 2012

  1. Jean Wise

    May 30, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    Great list. I really enjoyed reading it, Michelle

    • Michelle Eichner

      June 1, 2012 at 5:25 pm

      Thank you, Jean. My fellow chatt-er 🙂 You know that you’re on the list as one of the new bloggy friends 🙂


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