1000 Gifts – June 2012

14 Jul

I’ve been “unplugged” for several weeks, on vacation in the mountains.
That, in and of itself, is one big blessing for the month of June!
Here are lots more:

135 – a wonderful spontaneous afternoon at the pool with friends

136 – not getting sunburned at the pool!

137 – boys learning responsibility by dog-sitting

138 – going to the gym with The Best Man

139 – a wonderful birthday: lunch out, and dinner I didn’t cook πŸ™‚

140 – my boys running with me tonight

141 – Michael running side-by-side with me saying, “Now I’m running with the pros.” πŸ™‚

142 – beautiful birthday flowers

143 – a great 5th grade graduation into middle school at church for Michael

144 – my parents having a blast on their 50th anniversary cruise to Alaska!

145 – that my parents are able to have lunch with one of my childhood friends & her husband who are now a missionaries in Alaska

146 – turning off the sprinklers and letting God water the grass!

147 – buying milk with an expiration date that’s after we leave for vacation!

148 – Michael’s self confidence and humor really starting to develop

149 – free admission to Flagler Museum

150 – watching David’s delight at all the “cool” things at Flagler

151 – an amazing orthodontist who fit 2 appointments into 1 (since I had a ditzy moment and totally skipped the 1st one!) so that we’re on track for David to get the first part of his orthodontics before we leave

152 – crazy beautiful weather!! Breezes and no humidity – in the middle of June in South Florida! unbelievable!!

153 – a precious lunch together with friends and an unexpected blessing when the bill came

154 – birthday dinner at a new place with my running buddies

155 – an ipod fixed – right before vacation!

156 – a red-winged blackbird flying right at me – eye-level. It’s my favorite bird! πŸ™‚

157 – David’s comment: “Did you see that lightning and how bright it was? Just think about how bright God is!”

158 – wonderful small group ladies and the chance to have dinner together to celebrate a 50th birthday!

159 – 2 more journal orders! Not from Australia, just good ole’ USA πŸ™‚

160 – safety as we traveled 2,000ish miles

161 – running barefoot in the grass

162 – catching fireflies

163 – boys catching fish

164 – wonderful friends who lend amazing hospitality on the road. Thanks, Edwards and Wagners!! We are so blessed with friends who encourage us spiritually and refresh us physically. Love you guys!

165 – a kind gal who let us in for a cool (literally!) late night swim in NC

166 – the van window broke in Bedford, not on the road, which meant it got fixed cheaper and quicker and didn’t cost us time. And now I don’t have to open the door at the drive-through! πŸ™‚

167 – 20 years of marriage to THE BEST MAN!

168 – Having time with extended family

169 – Rich conversation around the breakfast table. One of those “Mary kept all those things and pondered them in her heart.” Learning from the wisdom of Honey, my 97 year old grandmother!

170 – Honey being able to teach Michael about forgiveness

Aunt Sandy, Dad, Mom

171 – A Heritage of Marriage! My dad’s parents celebrated 50+ years. My mom’s parents celebrated 52 years before Granddaddy died – and all of those 52 years weren’t so pleasant from what I understand. Auntie & Uncle Randy (Mom’s sister) and Aunt Sandy & Uncle Dan (Dad’s sister) celebrated 50 years and are still counting. Tim’s parents celebrated 50 years and are still counting.Β  How we appreciate these amazing examples to follow!

Dad, Honey, Mom, Auntie

172 – Family Reunion & Celebrating Mom & Dad’s 50th Anniversary!!

173 – Moving all the picnic stuff up from the lake to under the tent before the rain poured down!

174 – That the tent was set up so we could all eat under that. We had a house-full!

175 – Dad grilling burgers in the pouring rain – but we all pitched in and shuttled them from the deck to under the tent & had a great memory with lots of laughs

Honey making artichoke dip

176 – Flexibility and relaxed atmosphere despite lots of people and lots to do!! πŸ™‚

Mom & Auntie

177 – Everyone working together as a team

178 – Family that encourages each other spiritually. What great conversations we had!!

179 – a fun trip to WalMart with Auntie, Mom, Dad, and ME

180 – Running the lake loop with my boys

181 – Walking the lake loop with my man and having great conversation

Di & Me

182 – Running a 4 mile loop with Di

183 – Weather that was beyond beautiful – it was perfection! (at the beginning. We did get heat later)

184 – Seeing a spider catch a dragonfly in its web

185 – Bluebirds – not blue jays, but Eastern Bluebirds. I’ve never seen them before Mom & Dad moved to VA. Gorgeous!! And one of Honey’s favorite birds. πŸ™‚

186 – 2 birds nesting – one had little babies in it!

187 – Listening to a red-winged blackbird and all the other bird calls.

188 – The body of Christ. Being able to fellowship at different churches with brothers and sisters in Christ. And hearing great messages also.

189 – Hearing what each of the boys got out of the Sunday sermon when the entire extended family worshiped together.

190 – Boys having such fun with cousins!

The Wolf Pack

191 – 4 journals sold in 48 hours! (And another one ordered right before we left!!)

192 – Safety in the nasty storm that hit the northeast! Only leaves in Mom & Dad’s yard, and we only lost power for several hours Friday night into early Saturday morning. Their neighbors lost 3 trees!

193 – Boys having God moments – more on that later!

194 – Seeing fireflies sparkling in the trees one night as I looked outside late at night. No picture does it justice! Just God’s firework show that I got to witness!

195 – Listening to thunder rumble and echo in the mountains!

196 – Laughing until I cried at Matt & Tim “rowing” the boat across the lake with their hands! They set out, only to find the boat was missing the plug and they were taking on water. Luckily, since they only had their hands as paddles, they weren’t too far from shore. So they turned around, stuffed the hole with leaves, and set out again. They made it safely to shore.

197 – Roasting marshmallows and chatting around the fire.

198 – Setting off Japanese lanterns

199 – Climbing a mountain as a family – and the lessons I learned. More about that later, too! πŸ™‚

200 – A wonderful open house to honor my parents!

201 – College BFFs who came to the open house – and then helped clean up after!

202 – Laughing and sharing old memories with friends and family

203 – Being able to connect a friend in my parents’ church with a friend from FL who will be moving to VA at the end of July. The gals have connected – they both homeschool and both have 5 kids! (almost…Mandie will soon! :-)) What a treat!

204 – The kids doing a great job at the Open House – greeting people and giving instructions. We didn’t see them much, just heard the guests say what a wonderful job they did! I was so proud of all 6 of them!!

205 – The kids doing a skit with “props” BB & Grandmommy gave them in a brown bag. They were given things like funny glasses, clown noses, beads, fireman’s hat, crocodile mask, pink hair, etc. They had to come up with a skit using those props for the extended family! They did a great job! David said, “Don’t let any one who doesn’tΒ  know me take any pictures!” πŸ™‚

206 – A husband who took fabulous pictures throughout the Open House and the entire celebration weekend!! He took most of the pictures in this post. Yea Tim! πŸ™‚

207 – Tim & Matt praying a prayer of blessing over and thanking God for Mom & Dad

208 – finding shoes on sale. No, all of these aren’t ours! Just a shot to show a full house of 5 boys and a girl. πŸ™‚

209-213 – decorating BB & Grandmommy’s car spontaneously before church. Several blessings in this one!

  • Matt & Tim were able to sneak back home without Dad knowing (that’s a minor miracle!)
  • Mom & Dad only live about 5 minutes from their church
  • Mom had just opened a few HUGE cans of baked beans, so the guys had great tin cans! πŸ™‚
  • Balloons lasted throughout the Open House and could be used for the car
  • The fun (& LOUD!) loop Mom & Dad took around the church parking lot

214 – a rich month that filled the memory banks to the brim!! My heart overflows. Glory to God for His daily blessings!!


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6 responses to “1000 Gifts – June 2012

  1. acupofearlgreywithme

    July 14, 2012 at 9:50 am

    How nice to see so many familiar faces in the pictures. πŸ™‚ Happy belated Birthday! Thanks for sharing your grateful heart!

  2. MarshaMarshaMarsha

    July 21, 2012 at 8:50 am

    You know what I love? That it took a lot of scrolling to get to the end of your list. πŸ™‚ An attitude of gratitude is such a wonderful thing!

    • Michelle Eichner

      July 23, 2012 at 9:03 pm

      What a sweet thing to say, Marsha. You know what I love? Your heart. I’ve been praying for you.

  3. Tracy B Niles

    July 31, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    I think it’s God sense of humor that I just had dinner with my Sister in Christ and BFF tonight and she told me about this GREAT book she just read…then I peek around your blog after your kind comment on mine and your are writing about it and taking note of YOUR 1000 gifts! …….see…….running….to get the book! πŸ™‚ God Bless!

    • Michelle Eichner

      August 1, 2012 at 5:12 pm

      Awesome!! I see you running, too. Bet you already have it! πŸ™‚ Blessings to you & hugs as well! πŸ™‚


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