1000 Gifts – August

03 Sep

266 – My Mommy! who reads my little blogs and sends me a BIG birthday card

267 – My Mommy! who calls and says, “I don’t know what Rabbit Rabbit Day is, but I have a stuffed rabbit that might help you celebrate it if you want it.”

268 – My Mommy! who cares enough to ask great questions so she & Dad can pray for us better

did I mention my Mom?? 🙂

269 – David realizing how the lessons he’s learning at church can help him in his every day life

270 – David being excited about new pencils for school!

271 – tax free shopping days!

272 – sales – during tax free shopping days!

273 – Opportunities for Nathan & Michael to do service projects via Love Week this week in the community

Tammie Hurd’s photo

Tammie Hurd’s photo

274 – My Dad! who helped Michael build a chess board. Dad taught Michael to use the jigsaw on his own. It was the first power tool my Dad ever used independently – and the actual one he used to teach Michael 🙂

275 – My Dad! who helped David build a dog house for his stuffed doggies.

276 – My Dad! who helped Nathan make boxes for Tim & me

did I mention my Dad?! Don’t you think I have amazing parents?! I sure do!! 🙂

277 – An opportunity for David to do a service project this week

288 – I’m excited that some of those service projects for Nathan & Michael will be in Belle Glade. They will have a chance to do a mini VBS camp, so Nathan gets a little Belle Glade after all! Only God! 🙂

289 – this AMAZINGLY ENCOURAGING text from a friend!: “Hi Michelle. I just wanted to let you know that the boys and I started journaling yesterday with your wonderful bible study and we absolutely loved it!!! We spent about an hour and a half studying Proverbs 1, looking up words that the younger ones didn’t quite know the meaning of, putting examples of wise people and fools on our board. It was awesome!!! Thank you for such an awesome guide to help us get closer to our LORD and Savior!!!”

  • I was touched that she’d take the time to share that encouragement with me. (I did ask for permission to share and she said yes :-))
  • I LOVE how they’re studying God’s Word together – all ages!
  • I LOVE how she’s using the journals as a guide, but making them her own – like putting examples on the board of wise people and fools
  • I LOVE seeing her youngest’s journal page! I wish I could post a picture. It was precious!!

290 – carpools!!

291 – living in a neighborhood

292 – Michael made it through a tough Saturday morning football practice!

293 – I was giving Michael a pep talk before his practice and he said, “Mom, you should just be a coach!” YEA!  My life-long dream is coming true. 🙂 Actually, it was a neat “embrace your place” kinda thing for me. I AM a coach! Not an NFL coach like I dreamed about in high school. I’m a LIFE coach! Yippee. 🙂

294 – the chance to guest post for the first time! I was at Jen Ferguson’s Finding Heaven Today blog for the Break the Tape series. (This was actually in July, but I forgot to record it then. Timing doesn’t matter. It’s still a gift!)

295 – the boys passed their evaluations! On to 4th, 6th & 8th grades!

296 – being able to evaluate other home schoolers. I love getting ideas. Sometimes I have to be careful not to go off in a million different directions! 🙂

297 – a rainy day to stay at home unexpectedly

298 – a football coach that calls practice in a timely manner when there are weather issues! Last year we spent 2+ hours in the car waiting to resume a game!!

299 – SPECIFIC answer to prayer yesterday. I asked Mom to pray with us that if football practice was going to be cancelled it would be in enough time that Michael would be able to attend Student Night of Worship as they kicked off LOVE WEEK, their service project week. Sure enough, by 4pm we got the text, so we were all able to eat dinner together, then Nathan & Michael went to Night of Worship.

300 – Friends who keep track of my own calendar for me so I don’t show up for a meeting that isn’t until next week!!

301 – My 1st ever Homeschool Co-Op! I’ve wanted to do group learning ever since I started home schooling, but it’s never worked out. We’re working on a 10 week election unit for the fall and I’m really really excited! I love talking with the gals. And, of course, I love planning!

302 – Fresh Basil! In spaghetti sauce. On tomato slices with mozzarella cheese & balsamic vinegar… YUM! For the first time ever my basil plant looks just a bit like Grandpa’s (Tim’s Dad). He’s got the greenest thumb ever. The first time the boys saw one of his basil plants they said, “That’s not a basil plant, that’s a basil BUSH!” 🙂

303 – a breeze during football practice

304 – A gift of coffee with a friend. It really was so much more than just coffee!

305 – Seeing friends grow in Christ, and choose to see the good in a difficult situation

306 – finding my favorite song from high school on the radio, blasting it & singing at the top of my lungs!
NO, I did NOT roll down the windows, and
NO, there were no boys in the car – no boys at all! 🙂

307 – playing the Classical Tom & Jerry game in the car with the boys. we listen to classical music and narrate a Tom & Jerry episode based on the music

308 – Tim finding spiritual lessons in ripped jeans, the dump, and spices! Maybe I should have him guest post!! 🙂

309 – serving at Sports Camp in Belle Glade

310 – that 17 kids wanted to go back on their last Friday of the summer to serve at Sports Camp in Belle Glade

311 – seeing kids use their gifts and talents, and being allowed to do that during Sports Camp

312 – Nathan leading Rontavious to Christ at Sports Camp

313 – Michael kicking field goals in football practice

314 – Michael having a great 1st scrimmage. Stayed with the opposing QB until he brought him down!

315 – a day with a friend for David

317 – going to TCBY with our neighbors for the last hurrah of the summer

318 – Nathan obeying God and going to Landings Middle School. He’s been called to the Middle School Mission Field.

good-bye Home School. Hello Wellington Landings Middle School

319 – seeing Allans use his gifts to motivate middle schoolers for Christ

320 – Tim’s analogy for Nathan as he starts middle school. He had Nathan get on a chair and said, “Pull me up.” Of course, Tim didn’t go anywhere. But when he pulled Nathan, Nathan came down in a flash. Nathan got the point – easier to slide down than pull up.

321 – a perfect message today to help Nathan prepare as he starts Landings tomorrow

322 – Nathan’s 1st class at school today was… BAND!! 🙂

323 – Nathan recognized #322 as a blessing from God. When Nathan got in the car he said, “One blessing from God was my 1st class was band.” 🙂

324 – Most of his classes are in one area of the campus, right by the lockers, no less!

325 – the boys laughing until they cried – literally! I thought David was going to be sick!

326 – that the snake (yes a SNAKE!) inside the back porch was only a black racer & Tim was able to get him outside quickly. The poor boys were bummed that they couldn’t shoot him with their air soft guns!! boys will be boys 🙂

327 – a schedule change for Nathan that was easy and fast! Just had to swap out pre-algebra & put in Algebra I – no other classes were affected, and he walked right into Algebra I today, the 2nd day of school. He really wanted to keep his science class because he feels like he could be a good light there. Only God – it was so sweet to see Him work that out for Nathan.

328 – I’m actually getting excited about Nathan’s year at Landings!

329 – Wisdom not to take Michael to football practice in a nasty storm!! It was cancelled anyway, but we decided not to go because the thunder and lightning were popping! My friend dropped her son off & we all screamed because the thunder & lightning hit simultaneously. Glad we were all safe!

330 – Michael’s creativity to bring football practice to the living room!

331 – Michael enjoying being together as a family

332 – Even though the 1st Football Game of the season was cancelled, Michael managed not to practice football skills on his brothers 🙂

333 – Seeing God’s hand in circumstances

334 – Another opportunity (as ALWAYS!!) for Nathan to trust God about playing drums. This time he didn’t get much notice to practice songs and was getting worked up, but God gave Nathan help, and #336.

335 – Having a Student Ministries Pastor who calls kids up and sees the God gifts in people. Pastor Ryan has consistently called Nathan to be more than what Nathan thinks he can be. When Pastor Ryan gave Nathan the chance to speak in middle school service, he really encouraged Nathan to go solo. This weekend he really helped Nathan be all in on the drums, even though it was uncomfortable for Nathan.

336 – Having Christian text Nathan asking to meet so Christian could help him with the drums for the weekend!

337 – Coming home from a morning run and seeing this…

338 – the encouragement and enthusiasm of so many of you as Nathan embarks on this Land-Taking journey at Landings (I JUST saw the play on words in that! COOL! :-))

339 – the boys and their friends praying for my friend Sandy’s dad

340 – technology that makes friends who move away not so far away

341 – David bringing Michael’s pillow & blanket to him so he could rest since he wasn’t feeling well. David said, “It’s so much fun helping your brothers.” Nathan said, “It’s fun to help anybody.” David, “Yeah, but it’s especially fun to help your brothers.”

342 – Michael’s fever wasn’t high and didn’t last for even 24 hours. And that we’re learning how his body operates so he can take care of himself well.

343 – a day off school, even though it came with crazy weather!

344 – SOO thankful that all the boys slept through the crazy Tropical Storm Isaac weather last night. David did get up and wanted the iPod, and didn’t get up again, even though the iPod battery was super low. Yea!

345 – Safety during the flooding of T.S. Isaac. Our house was never in danger. The pictures below are down our street, several houses away. Our town got hit hard – 14-15 inches of rain.

the white spot is one of our neighbors thigh-deep in the water

346 – unexpected flowers from my neighbor’s mom! Can you see my awesome husband in the background?? 🙂

347 – shade during football practice this morning!

348 – watching the first Florida Gator Football game with my boys! Ooohhh I love that!

349 – So proud of my 2 oldest for wanting to go to church tonight even in the middle of the Gator game! Wow! They’ll go again tomorrow, too.

350 – Thankful for our church and the sense of belonging the boys have there.

351 – 2 more journal sales

352 – the boys dancing to some Ottmar Liebert then some Sousa marches. I think Tim took video & I think we’d NEVER be forgiven if we posted it! 🙂 Fun times. (I might even be in trouble for being publicly thankful!)


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3 responses to “1000 Gifts – August

  1. Laura Boggess

    September 3, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    Such wonderful blessings, Michelle! Your family is precious. So much love in this counting!

    • Michelle Eichner

      September 3, 2012 at 9:28 pm

      Thank you so much, Laura. I appreciate your encouragement! Hugs to you.

  2. acupofearlgreywithme

    September 4, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Yay, for thankfulness!! That last one is funny! The new comment before taking photos now is, “Is this going to be on Facebook, Mom?” Some things are just funny as a family when viewed again. 🙂 Big hug!


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