1000 Gifts March

09 Apr

682- A free Starbucks coffee!! They didn’t have what I ordered, so I got it free. And I had great conversation with Sandra added to this blessing! What an encouraging time!

683 – Went to the Boynton Commitment service. Prayed about what God wanted us to do and did it. 5 days later Tim got an opportunity to teach summer school! Classes still have to make, but we both were encouraged.

684 – Prayed for increased income. Found 6 pennies on the ground 🙂

685 – Prayed more specifically for denominations of 10. Kerri found a dime for me while running at HEW! 🙂

686 – Being able to keep windows open. It’s so nice to have that fresh air in the house!

687 – Michael & Nathan are excited about Belle Glade missions trip coming up. We’re glad to be able to participate this year. You can read about last year here.

688 – Being able to guest post at Hip Homeschool Moms!  Hip Homeschool Moms Button

689 – Unexpected cool weather! Yea for bringing out the jackets and jeans again! I really didn’t think we’d have much winter back in December and early January!

690 – Boys encouraging other kids to do the right thing during worship.

691 – Looking out the window and seeing the sky full of stars

692 – SPECIFICALLY fasting for positive interactions, and last night it happened!!! Praying for more to continue!

693 – God’s Word purifying my heart

694 – Learning to practice living by God’s Word!

695 – When the HEW Coach says, “Good squats, Michelle” and really means it! 🙂

696 – Learning how to do a handstand push up. Not that I can go all the way down yet, but I will get there!

697 – Climbing up one more knot on the rope at HEW!! (Big blessing for the short ME who’s afraid of heights when I’m climbing. Roller coasters are fine, but I’m not the one climbing those! :-))

698 – A wonderful phone conversation with a wonderful friend, who just happens to have a wonderful name. Thanks, Michelle 🙂

699 – Seeing answers to prayer during the fast


700 – getting $10 in the mail

701 – finding a dime and a quarter on the ground

702 – An UN STINKIN BELIEVABLE! display of God’s hand at work!! Seriously, you HAVE TO READ that post!

703 – David bringing me a nickel he found on the ground saying, “Mommy, you’ve been praying, right?”


704 – A perfect weather day yesterday. Seriously, I don’t have enough adjectives to describe it.

705- Coupons so we could have Chick-Fil-A and pay $0.00!! 🙂

706 – BookIt!

707 – Finding a quick new recipe on the back of the rice box

708 – Michael’s decision to be baptized. No Greater Joy! (ya gotta read that one, too! :-)) Seriously! That adds about another 20 blessings to this list!!

1Michael out

709 – Friends who went in the water (even though it was freezing!!) with him to stand with him and support him.

710 – Amazing youth pastors who braved the cold all evening for the joy of baptizing students!

going in

711 – Youth pastors who call up the youth! Who encourage boys to step into all that God has for them. But not just by saying those words, by giving them the opportunity to actually do it! And then encouraging them that “it’s the first of many”. A blessing beyond words!

712 – That Nathan realizes what a blessing it is to have Pastor Ryan encourage him to baptize his friend! (see #711)


713 – A friend who took great pictures of the baptism so I could be in the water with Michael and video tape. Thanks, Kadi!


714 – Celebrating the baptism with lots of students at Chick-Fil-A afterwords. And being able to help Nathan raise money for SLU in June.

715 – Lessons learned during the fast

716 – Breaking the fast with donuts and ice cream for breakfast!

717 – A nice cold weather snap, even though it came for the baptism. Michael won’t forget that day! 🙂

718 – Watching “The Bible” together as a family


719 – All the conversation and questions that #698 has brought!

720 – An amazing weekend of Easter services!

Easter 2013

thanks Stephanie Field for the pictures!

721 – That Nathan wanted to be at all 9 Easter services singing in the choir!

722 – A glorious sunrise to greet us on our way to church Easter morning!


723 – EASTER!! He is RISEN!! We have joy forever. Hallelujah!!

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