A First!!

31 May

I’m in uncharted waters!

New territory!

I signed up to be on a launch team for Philosophy Adventure.

I’m not only learning about this amazing product,
I’m learning more about technology, social media,
and stuff we have to do –
like posting the disclosure statement below, and creating a blog hop link!
It’s a win-win for me!

And today I get to host my very own, very first give-away!!
(on my birthday!)
I’m so excited!! 🙂


Before I get to the actual review, I have to say I’ve really enjoyed being on this team. I’ve mostly enjoyed getting to know (virtually) the author of Philosophy Adventure, Stacy Farrell. Her heart for God, humility, and passion for excellence have been evident throughout this process.
Being on this launch team for the course makes me like it even more, because I know the heart behind it.

I’ve read through the text of Philosophy Adventure, and I really like what I see. I’m excited about using this with my older two boys next year. Basically each chapter introduces a famous philosopher, giving details about his life and ideas. Students then embark on a writing, thinking, and speaking activity related to that philosopher. Each chapter includes a geography component as well.

I have two aspects of this course that I just love! My favorite part of each chapter comes at the end where students get to contrast the thinking of the philosopher with the thinking of the Bible. What a great way to help teach our kids discernment! My favorite challenge in this course is the one for students to memorize the book of Philippians as they complete the course. What an awesome challenge, with eternal rewards! And what a great way for kids to renew their minds. Like I said, I love it!


Philosophy Adventure comes with a text, teacher text, and student workbook. I appreciate how I was given both a weekly time-frame for completing each chapter, and a general time-line for completing the course. The material also gives a general idea of how to count this course for high school credit, realizing that each state has specific guidelines that must be followed. I like the student workbooks because they allow students free response space as well as space to answer specific questions. I also like all the vocabulary words being at the end in a glossary, with additional space to add more words.

The three goals of the course are “to be engaging, easy to use, and empowering. Our goal is to help students retain what they learn for their lifetimes.” In my opinion Stacy and her team have accomplished each of these. I found the text easy to understand; students are encouraged to think and respond to what they’ve read; the text is color coded so students can easily identify each task given. Usually the term “philosophy” dredges up dark memories and connotations for people, unless they happen to love the subject. I think Philosophy Adventure helps change that perspective and give kids a good foundation into the discipline of philosophy.


In the introduction Stacy writes, “In fact, the future of freedom may depend upon how many of us wake up to the world of ideas and seek to discern and defend truth.” In my opinion Philosophy Adventure is a great tool to help students and families wake up to ideas, discern and defend the truth! I’m excited about the discussion and growth it will help facilitate between myself and the boys.

Will you join me on the adventure?

Enter the Rafflecopter below by 6/11/13 for your chance to win a copy of Philosophy Adventure!!

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One response to “A First!!

  1. zekesmom10

    June 4, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    I look forward to learning right along with my boys. This is a great resource!


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