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I was gonna title this
Dreams Dashed
Broken Dreams

until I got an email from my Soli Deo Gloria group leader, Jean.
The SDG captain, Jen, has been encouraging us to TRUST for a while.
My leader, Jean, just let us know that a new theme is coming: “Release, Renew, Refresh”

That’s it.
(and a much nicer way to say it, I might add! Thanks, Jen!)

I have a new appreciation for Joseph.
A dreamer.
With lofty dreams.
Big dreams he believed in,
and believed they came from God.

Did he wonder about his dreams
in the pit,
in Potiphar’s house,
and in the prision ?
Did he think his dreams had been dashed?
Did he think his dreams were broken? dead?

teachingThat’s where I’ve been the past two weeks.
Which is really ridiculous, considering that I’m not in any kind of pit or prison.
Actually, what’s happened in our lives is a good thing overall.
Just a big change, and one that I didn’t expect.


Three weeks ago God turned my plans upside down. I’ve been a stay at home, homeschooling mom for the past 14 years after leaving the classroom when our oldest was born. The plan was to continue homeschooling this year. Until I got a call to interview on a Wednesday for a 4th grade teaching position that started on Monday – in 4 days! Not what I wanted, not what I planned, but what God said do. (And He didn’t give me ANY time to think it over because He knows me too well & He knows better! :-))

1st day jitters

Our adjustment these past few weeks has been a good one. So what’s the struggle? What’s the connection to Joseph? Well, I feel like all my dreams just died. I certainly don’t see how any of the dreams or plans I had is going to work out now.

Today in worship, I thought about those dreams,
and how I need to throw them at the foot of the cross,
whether they’re whole or in pieces.
I know God’s plans are best.
And I know He’s in the business of rebuilding better than I could.

I just have to be like Joseph and trust,
in those times when the dreams look dark and dead,
that God is working all things for my good.

I’m glad Jen had a nice title for this post –
one that gives me a different perspective!


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Unity or Peace?

It was a super busy weekend running the Hope Run.
I will get to that, I promise 🙂
Until then, just to let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth,
I’m going to let you have a glimpse of one of our biggest blessings.

Below is a link to a blog post by Ryan McDermott.
He is the boys’ youth pastor.
After you read it you’ll understand why I say we’re so blessed to have him leading our young kids!

Living In Unity



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Pass It On

Pass It On –
remember that game?
God’s been reminding me that it’s so much more than a game!
Here’s how.

I was featured at HHM
1st – I read my own post (doesn’t that seem self-serving!!) But I marvel at God’s timing – how I hadn’t sent the post in at first because He wanted to show me something more, and then reading it several months later just when I needed that encouragement to stay the course! He reminded me of the importance of Passing It On to my kids.

2nd – I found a friend’s post that’s got a lot of these same ideas in it, especially the importance of Passing It On to our kids! You can read it here. 

3rd – Today’s message in the Live To Give series. Pastor Robert Morris from Gateway Church was speaking from Exodus 13 on the principle of first. The practice was to take the firstborn of the clean animals and sacrifice to God. The clean redeemed the unclean. What struck me was Exodus 13:14

“In days to come, when your son asks you, ‘What does this mean?’
say to him, ‘With a mighty hand the Lord brought us out of Egypt,
out of the land of slavery.”

The son was to ask, and the parent was to impart the spiritual tradition and lesson of the practice. The parent was to Pass It On. My takeaway?

  • I need to be living a consistent life, a consistent example for my boys. There should be some things in my life that are different from the world’s way of living, so that the boys are curious and ask, “Why?” We should have some spiritual practices in our family that cause the kids to wonder, to ask questions.
  • I need to wait for them to ASK, not simply go around telling all the time. When they ask, their hearts are prepared for the answer and the lessons. How often have I just spouted off, not paying attention to where the boys’ hearts are, and if they’re even receptive to what God has to say. Sometimes they do just need to listen; they do just need to be told. But I’m afraid I too often give info and principles regardless of whether they’re really looking for them or not. (and I end up sounding like the Charlie Brown teacher!! :-))

3 things this week.
And 3 is a pretty neat number in the Bible! 🙂
Are you encouraged? motivated?
Pass It On!

(especially to your kids!)


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New Guest Post! Doing a Great Work!

I’m so excited! I had a second opportunity to guest post! 🙂
This time I posted at Hip Homeschool Moms.
You can read it at the link below.
I was featured at HHM

Enjoy 🙂


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1000 Gifts – September

353 – laughing hysterically while playing Monopoly as a family. Hysterically – you know, tears streaming!

354 – getting to the car with the cooler of snacks before the monsoon at football

355 – getting ALL the boys on Happy Rabbit Rabbit Day! Every. Single. One!!! Oh yeah! 🙂 Girl Power!

356 – a walk in the park with my man

357 – a beautiful evening to take that walk

358 – Michael making mashed potatoes

359 – a rainbow at practice

360 – Tim & I at football practice. Thanks to our neighbor, David was able to play with his friend and we were able to connect! A win all around!

361 – speaking of neighbors – they’re a great blessing! We happen to live on a street with mainly boys. It’s such fun to watch the posse move from the park to house to house. This should count as 5!! 🙂

362 – an amazing sunset at football practice

363 – Nathan scored the first goal of the first soccer game!

364 – Michael recovered 2 fumbles!

366 – a beautiful sunrise on our morning run

367 – a 2nd rainbow in 2 weeks!

368 – seeing 2 live armadillos on our morning run. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them living!

369 – seeing a hawk sitting right in front of a spotlight!

370 – Mrs. Ostroff, the best assistant ever!

371 – praying with friends for our boys in the parking lot

372 – a great Life Group Leader training. The Student Ministries pastors prayed for each leader or host and anointed them with oil. Tim & I commented that we think that was the 1st time we’d ever been anointed

373 – Michael making breakfast for his brothers!

374 – the power of prayer!!

375 – a new day after the day I fell FLAT!

376 – going to the store and coming home to a clean house! YIPPEE!!

377 – seeing the boys realize the joy of giving and serving

378 – a wonderful Life Group Meet & Greet

379 – little bitty frogs hopping along as we run

380 – seeing a little bunny on a morning run

381 – David following Michael’s example and making breakfast

382 – strength to make tough parenting decisions

383 – Nathan received a “You’ve Been Spotted” coupon. A teacher’s aid recognized Nathan’s consistent kindness and friendship to a boy in one of his classes.

384 – Lessons learned in soccer and football losses

385 – A beautiful full moon at practice

386 – Another beautiful full moon on a morning run

387 – Beautiful breezes

388 – a Great 1st Life Group meeting! We’ve got the 6th grade boys this year, for Michael’s sake. We had a super time getting to know the boys and playing Guesstures – Kids vs. Parents. Guess who won?! 🙂 Looking forward to an amazing year!!

389 – an unexpected check in the mail!

390 – coming home to boys’ working hard after a late morning run. Hallelujah! 🙂

391 – friends. And the growing sense of virtual friends. Yea!

392 – The boys’ creativity. They won’t let me post a picture, but I love it when they dress up and “get into character” for something. We played “hunt for the tiger” for family fun night and it was a riot! 🙂

393 – Family Fun Night – and that the boys look forward to it.

394 – Going out to eat together

395 – Being able to lead life group together with Tim. He said, “I like ministering together with you.” Awww 🙂 We’ve been doing it for quite a few years! It’s how we met. 🙂

396 – Learning about the Jewish Feasts of Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur from Messianic Jews. Wow!

397 – The chance for Michael & David to be part of the campaign process by making posters and calling people.

397 – for all of you who actually read all these blessings and rejoice with me! Hugs to you al!!


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Yom Kippur

Today is Yom Kippur

The Day of Atonement

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of taking the boys to a class on Jewish Feasts, taught by a mom and daughter who are Messianic Jews. We learned about Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. I so loved learning some of the Jewish traditions that I didn’t know about. I also enjoyed participating in some. At the end of class we walked quietly over to the lake, where we cast our bread crumbs on the water, signifying that our sins are buried in the deepest sea, as far as the east is from the west. We wrote our names on red heart-shaped balloons, which we let go, to symbolize God’s love for us. We followed that with communion.

2 things the ladies said stuck out to me.

  1. When the scapegoat was lead out of the tabernacle through the camp to the wilderness, the people would have been gathered around. They would have jeered at, mocked, spat at, and generally denigrated the scapegoat. Such a picture of Jesus’ walk to Calvary!
  2. The SON of the priest was the one who had a large part of the atonement ceremony. When the gals said that, it leaped out at me! What another amazing parallel! The SON involved in making atonement for the people. Anyone who says God’s Word isn’t alive just hasn’t read it!

Today I’m celebrating the Atonement made by Jesus Christ on the cross.
I’m covered by His blood and my sins are gone – in the depths of the sea – as far as the east is from the west. Hallelujah!
Just had to share those neat insights God gave me last week.
What is God showing you from His Word?
I love hearing!


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I had a “Balam & the talking donkey” experience this week.

Couldn’t go another step.

Smacked right up against that “wall” & fell Flat on my face.


Through that experience (yes it involved one of my offspring) God kept yanking me away from myself. I got to the point where I could do nothing else but cry out to Him. And I sure did. You should have heard that prayer – maybe you did because I was praying out loud and loud at that!

And God helped me start to make some changes. Not in boys. Nope. In me. (haven’t I been here before?!?)

The next day I started my crying out to Him before my feet ever hit the floor. Not the normal “bless my day”, “Good morning Lord”, happy kind of conversational prayer. The warfare prayer. (just not as loud as the day before! :-))

Here’s what I’m realizing & remembering.

  • I need to keep up my intensity even if things “look good”. I can’t let down my guard.
  • God is the one who can change hearts. I can do everything by the book, but He is the one who makes the change
  • So I need to communicate with Him & depend on Him (haven’t I been here before, too?!?)
  • Spiritual lessons aren’t easy, but they are good!
  • Keeping a record of blessings is important. And it’s important for the boys to do that.
  • There is no immunity from spiritual warfare.
  • I wasn’t prepared for the “fight” of being a parent! I wasn’t prepared to fight for my kids. Oh sure, against the culture and stuff, but not the spiritual warfare fight.
  • BUT I’m thankful for the reminder that the fight isn’t against them. It’s against the principalities & powers of darkness in this world.
  • Our physical fitness plays a part in our spiritual fitness. For me & my family that’s most profoundly seen when we don’t get enough rest.

So how’s the rest of the week been? Better. Not perfect, but better. We’re keeping documentation so we can use it to focus on the positive. One of our writing lessons this week will be to list blessings. 🙂

And… I’m going to stop writing because it’s getting late (even though I’m a night owl), and I don’t do any better than the boys when I’m tired. But I’m thankful for the chance to sit down and process through my week – for the little bit of quiet tonight. Thanks for listening.


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