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1000 Gifts March

682- A free Starbucks coffee!! They didn’t have what I ordered, so I got it free. And I had great conversation with Sandra added to this blessing! What an encouraging time!

683 – Went to the Boynton Commitment service. Prayed about what God wanted us to do and did it. 5 days later Tim got an opportunity to teach summer school! Classes still have to make, but we both were encouraged.

684 – Prayed for increased income. Found 6 pennies on the ground 🙂

685 – Prayed more specifically for denominations of 10. Kerri found a dime for me while running at HEW! 🙂

686 – Being able to keep windows open. It’s so nice to have that fresh air in the house!

687 – Michael & Nathan are excited about Belle Glade missions trip coming up. We’re glad to be able to participate this year. You can read about last year here.

688 – Being able to guest post at Hip Homeschool Moms!  Hip Homeschool Moms Button

689 – Unexpected cool weather! Yea for bringing out the jackets and jeans again! I really didn’t think we’d have much winter back in December and early January!

690 – Boys encouraging other kids to do the right thing during worship.

691 – Looking out the window and seeing the sky full of stars

692 – SPECIFICALLY fasting for positive interactions, and last night it happened!!! Praying for more to continue!

693 – God’s Word purifying my heart

694 – Learning to practice living by God’s Word!

695 – When the HEW Coach says, “Good squats, Michelle” and really means it! 🙂

696 – Learning how to do a handstand push up. Not that I can go all the way down yet, but I will get there!

697 – Climbing up one more knot on the rope at HEW!! (Big blessing for the short ME who’s afraid of heights when I’m climbing. Roller coasters are fine, but I’m not the one climbing those! :-))

698 – A wonderful phone conversation with a wonderful friend, who just happens to have a wonderful name. Thanks, Michelle 🙂

699 – Seeing answers to prayer during the fast


700 – getting $10 in the mail

701 – finding a dime and a quarter on the ground

702 – An UN STINKIN BELIEVABLE! display of God’s hand at work!! Seriously, you HAVE TO READ that post!

703 – David bringing me a nickel he found on the ground saying, “Mommy, you’ve been praying, right?”


704 – A perfect weather day yesterday. Seriously, I don’t have enough adjectives to describe it.

705- Coupons so we could have Chick-Fil-A and pay $0.00!! 🙂

706 – BookIt!

707 – Finding a quick new recipe on the back of the rice box

708 – Michael’s decision to be baptized. No Greater Joy! (ya gotta read that one, too! :-)) Seriously! That adds about another 20 blessings to this list!!

1Michael out

709 – Friends who went in the water (even though it was freezing!!) with him to stand with him and support him.

710 – Amazing youth pastors who braved the cold all evening for the joy of baptizing students!

going in

711 – Youth pastors who call up the youth! Who encourage boys to step into all that God has for them. But not just by saying those words, by giving them the opportunity to actually do it! And then encouraging them that “it’s the first of many”. A blessing beyond words!

712 – That Nathan realizes what a blessing it is to have Pastor Ryan encourage him to baptize his friend! (see #711)


713 – A friend who took great pictures of the baptism so I could be in the water with Michael and video tape. Thanks, Kadi!


714 – Celebrating the baptism with lots of students at Chick-Fil-A afterwords. And being able to help Nathan raise money for SLU in June.

715 – Lessons learned during the fast

716 – Breaking the fast with donuts and ice cream for breakfast!

717 – A nice cold weather snap, even though it came for the baptism. Michael won’t forget that day! 🙂

718 – Watching “The Bible” together as a family


719 – All the conversation and questions that #698 has brought!

720 – An amazing weekend of Easter services!

Easter 2013

thanks Stephanie Field for the pictures!

721 – That Nathan wanted to be at all 9 Easter services singing in the choir!

722 – A glorious sunrise to greet us on our way to church Easter morning!


723 – EASTER!! He is RISEN!! We have joy forever. Hallelujah!!

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That’s just how I wrote it in my journal…


I’ve been dying to share this! So here’s the story…1pennies

We’re in our 21 days of prayer and fasting. One of my prayers was, “God increase our income.” That very day I found 6 pennies sort of scattered in the library parking lot. I started laughing out loud – literally! I said, “OK. I got the message. I’ll pray more specifically.”

My next prayer: “God, increase our income in denominations of 10.” And the next day – no lie – Kerri found a dime on the parking lot as we were running at HEW! We both started laughing! And I got the message to be more specific still.

1tenThird time’s a charm, right? “Ok, God, bills, not coins.” And, seriously, we got a $10 bill in the mail!! Not totally unexpected since family usually sends that amount at Valentine’s, Easter, and Thanksgiving. But the timing, and the fact that it was a $10 bill, not 2 fives or anything different. Unbelievable!
(but not UN STINKIN BELIEVABLE yet! :-))

Then the serious conversations came.

I have never had such a long, continual back-and-forth conversation with God before in my life.
I’ve also never heard God so clearly.
He was challenging me about my perceptions of Him.

I wasn’t at the point where I could ask for big yet.But I do remember praying that God would do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think a few days earlier. Still processing.

THEN I got a phone call from a friend who asked if we were home. Her son had a surprise gift for us. Her words were, “It’s not a puppy. If you decide you don’t want it, I’ll take it back. Don’t worry.” I’m thinking we’re getting a turtle cuz her son’s turtles had babies or something. Have to admit to being a little nervous. She pulls up with her son in the van. And from the back seat they pull out

a   flat  screen  TV!


I kid you not!!!

And I was speechless!!!!!!

Here’s our old TV.


Suffice to say that we needed a new place for the new TV!
And I had no problem KNOWING God would provide that!!
And HE did.
We just did some rearranging, which helped us anyway!

Here are a few last tidbits for you.

  • God rewarded Tim’s patience and discipline. He really thought about getting a new TV in the fall, but resisted the urge so we could be disciplined with our finances.
  • Nathan had been praying for a flat screen, so he got to see God answer in His perfect timing
  • The boys saw the opportunity to give God glory when they tell people the story. They see it clearly as a blessing.
  • We have a daily reminder of Who God Is – and How BIG He is!!
  • My friend was so encouraged to see the timing of the whole thing…which adds to the richness of the story…and is for another post.



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1000 Gifts February

634 – Another amazing run downtown last Saturday. 12 miles along the intracoastal, across the bridge to the beach, along the beach, then back to the intracostal. Perfect weather, perfect scenery. If you gotta do 12, that’s definitely the way to do it! 🙂


635 – A Daddy talkin’ to his boy about the tough stuff in life

636 – Tim’s wisdom he can impart to the boys in those tough times

637 – This one, AGAIN!, is a discipline, just like #497. I am choosing to see these tough situations as blessings, and trying to help the boys see that as well. Because really these tough situations are opportunities for growth, and lessons learned early can help them live a life of no regrets.

638 – The “Why I Believe” Coop girls doing dishes and being gracious in the midst of chaotic life! You GOTTA read “5 Minutes on BARE” to hear the whole story. It’s worth it! 🙂

639 – A walk down memory lane, and a time of personal worship


639 – We had a water problem, but it was fixed quickly and cheaply!

640 – The village of Wellington water department was wonderful! They came out, cleaned up our meter box and replaced it. All without us even asking! It was a real shot in the arm to see government working without red tape.

641 – Nathan playing drums for middle school worship – with other middle school friends and both of his life group leaders! I had goosebumps! Thanks, Tammie, for the photo!

1 SM worship

642 – And then I looked over and saw Michael worshipping with abandon, and I had goosebumps for the 2nd time that night!

643 – That I can get something out of the middle school message!

644 – An unexpected free Chick-Fil-A sandwich! Always a blessing 🙂


645 -Youth leaders who encourage students to make a difference! Pastor Ryan took Nathan & a friend to breakfast where they talked about starting a prayer group at Wellington Landings each morning at 9am.

photo from our youth pastor, Pastor Ryan

photo from our youth pastor, Pastor Ryan

646 – That was just the push Nathan needed to get off square 1. Nathan had been thinking about starting a group, and had looked at some online resources. He just needed a little push & encouragement. Now, every day before school, at least 4 kids are praying at 9am!! This week it was 5 kids 🙂

647 – The 1st day of prayer group Nathan was in the office and met a teacher he doesn’t even have who encouraged him. Mr. Wilbur, the Spanish teacher, is a believer who felt the lack of prayer at Landings on a faculty level. 3 weeks prior to Nathan’s 1st prayer meeting, Mr. Wilbur had started a faculty prayer group! Mr. Wilbur said he’d be supporting Nathan in any way possible. Nathan was blown away.

648 – Birds singing in the morning. I love hearing the different birds, especially the mockingbirds!


MomE bdayhoney,mom

650 – A blog post that really encouraged me when I needed it! Thanks, Allans

651 – A Starbucks date with a coupon on Valentine’s day with The Best Man! The whipped cream was worth the burpee penalty Tim gave me!

652 – Seeing all 3 boys worship together


653 – This is PURE DISCIPLINE!! I really don’t get this one at all, to tell you the truth. Remember blessing #497? (You really have to read here for this to make sense.) Tim had an opportunity to participate in a professional development conference in South Africa, where he grew up as a missionary kid. We were both super excited, and really thought God was making a dream come true for us. We’ve always wanted to go there together, ever since we got engaged. Well, Tim didn’t get chosen for this conference. His text to me was, “God’s got something better.” Even though I know that in my head, my heart is still struggling to catch up, even with the truth of #653 staring me in the face!!

654 – I got a part time job!! It’s a double blessing because I’m tutoring my friend’s kids. She’s been struggling with health for the past few months and just needs to concentrate on getting completely well. I had texted her late last year to keep her ears open for any tutoring she might hear of, since she’s active in the homeschool world. She called me up a few weeks ago and asked if I would consider taking a few of her kids. I was blown away. If the 1st opportunity (you know, the one I thought was sooo perfect) had been a go, I would not have been available to help my friend. Only God! So why is it so hard for me to see that He has something better in regards to #652?!?! I told you it was discipline!! Can I choose another word for 2031??? 🙂

655 – An evening with Tim at Palm Beach Atlantic University for the Faculty Dance Recital. It was beautiful!

656 – A fabulous weekend running the Hope Race – the Disney Princess Half-Marathon

1 Race beginning

657 – David found the screws for the fan blade!

658 – We got a free mouthguard!! Thanks, Scotty’s Sport Shop!!

659 – Nathan’s tweet to me about the race, and about life in general. He said he’d been struggling at school some & God just spoke to him. See the tweets below.

1Nte race tweet

1NTE tweet

660 – Encouraging messages from friends

661 – Found a local Christian tree company who can take down the tree we need and they were cheaper than any other bid we got!!

662 – No rain for our half-marathon

1 Race fireworks

663 – In fact, it was overcast, which helped keep it relatively cool. Super humid, though!

664 – An amazing report of what God is doing at Hope House!

665 – The boys maturing a little bit in handling life situations

666 – Michael saying, “I’m all in” about an offering for the new Boynton Beach / Stuart campuses. He gave from his spending bank. Nathan said, “I’m saving for Belle Glade.” Michael said, “Well, God took care of you 2 years in a row and He’ll take care of me this year. And if He doesn’t, that’s ok anyway!” LOVE seeing that faith!! LOVE seeing Michael sensitive to God’s leading!

667 – David following Michael’s lead in giving for Boynton Beach out of his own money


668 – Another party in Heaven over another new believer!! Michael is taking the land seriously! 🙂

669 – Nathan scored the 1st goal of the 1st game of the soccer season!!

670 – Nathan scored the 1st & last goals of his next game, and I got to see it all before we had to leave for the marathon

671 – Being able to spend some time with special friends during the Hope Run weekend – and being able to share together the cause of raising awareness of human trafficking


672 – The Firehouse 7 graciously gave up their prime starting spots at the 1/2 marathon to stick with me, the slowpoke!

1 Firehouse 7


673 – An unexpected Starbucks gift certificate in my race goodie bag! The one from the Hope House gang, not in the official goodie bag. Just in case any of you were tempted to run the Princess for the Starbucks card! 🙂

674 – An unexpected delivery of Starbucks yesterday!! I almost didn’t get to participate in this blessing because I almost said, “No thanks” out of worry. Lesson learned! 🙂

675 – Extra money for my HEW habit! Thanks, Holly!! 🙂

676 – Jenny using her spiritual gifts of Helps at my house! Girl, you are welcome here anytime!! 🙂

677 – Leftover RosesDSC05670

678 – I got my funds for the Hope Run! And a little more besides!! 🙂 Praise God – and THANK YOU to those of you who supported the run in honor of the precious princesses rescued out of human trafficking!

679 – Unexpected leftover food coming our way! Yea for pre-cooked dinners!! 🙂

680 – The coolest thing to me about the Hope Run fundraising was this card sent to me from Guam. My friend, Marsha, whom I’ve never laid eyes on, sent money. But more precious to me was this card. Marsha could have sent thousands of dollars and it wouldn’t have meant as much as this card!


681 – I finished the half-marathon! 🙂 Felt pretty good, too, (for the most part) and was encouraged to see HEW pay off. 🙂 You can read the whole story here.

1 ME medal

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1000 Gifts January

These 1000 Gifts posts are NOT a record of daily life.
They are an exercise in the discipline of Philippians 4:4 – Rejoice always
and 1 Thessalonians 5:17 – Give thanks in all things.

  • I do NOT post the multitude of times I threaten to enroll the boys in school THAT VERY DAY!!
  • I do NOT post the multitude of times I loose my cool with them when they’ve been giggle-y & silly just a little toooo much for me, (the no-nonsense gal!)
  • or when they’ve been at each other’s throats all day.
  • I do tend to be a “Glass Half Full” kinda gal, but I’m not perfect, and life isn’t always peachy!
  • If you don’t believe me read this!!
  • I just wanted to have all the blessings in a relatively easy place to find, instead of randomly placed at the end of some blog post.

OK. That being said, on to the blessings! 🙂

553 – Starting 2013 off by having communion together as a family

554 – Praying prayers of blessing for each member of the family. It was so special to hear the boys pray for each other!

555 – Inspiring others to enter blog-land

556 – So far, the boys are behaving well despite staying up to see the New Year in! 🙂 At first, I thought “I might have to remove this blessing.” But God reminded me that it is a blessing. Period! Even if the rest of the day goes South, I can remember that the first part was ok & be thankful for that!

557 – New Year’s Day attitudes stayed positive overall!

558 – Friends coming over for dinner

559 – all the dorky “this is the last time you will eat dinner this year” jokes

560 – all the corny “you’ve never eaten lunch all year” jokes

561 – being able to help a neighbor, and the boys encouraging one of the grandkids when he hurt himself

562 – The boys having such a great role model in Tim


563 – The 1st run of the New Year! It was relatively cool enough that we could go later & not die of heat

564 – HEW: Hard Exercise Works. Love their philosophy, appreciate the information I got during my 5 weeks, loved the results in lost pounds and inches, & looking forward to using my gift certificate after the Disney 1/2 marathon in Feb!!

565 – 6 miles with the Firehouse 7! 🙂

566 – that the empty glass jelly jar fell into the dishwasher instead of breaking on the floor!

567 – during the Christmas Eve services one of the drying racks fell to the floor. All we lost was a glass vase, NOT the glass serving plates we were really needed!

568 – Playing Kick The Can with the fam

569 – Movie Marathon with Nathan & Michael

570 – Brothers encouraging each other in their spiritual walks


571 – Nathan pushing through a tough day

572 – Michael expressing his gratitude & contentment for how we do things as a family, especially having them earn money to spend on things instead of just giving them those things

573 – Great discussions around the dinner table during devotions

574 – Clear direction about whether to go to a meeting or stay home

575 – This is another one of those “I’m choosing to be thankful” ones (see #497): battling through issues with the boys. At least we saw a little bit of results, which is encouragement to stay the course and be consistent!

576 – God’s Word working. David read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, then spent the next 5 minutes walking around thanking God for everything he could see. The result: #577!!

577 – A stellar day for David

David stellar

578 – a friend who texted me to encourage me in my One Word (thanks, Erin!)

579 – Brothers sticking up for each other

580 – $2.95 check in the mail 🙂


581 – Then Tim making a joke about how that (#580) was the first part of my HEW savings. It’s the only part!

582 – teaching the boys to play racquetball, and having them like it!

583 – everyone working together to make dinner. Each person had a prep job and we all did them together. It was fun!

584 – Seeing the Adams on the spur of the moment, and Morrills. Seeing the Morrills was a special treat since we haven’t seen them in forever!

585 – seeing maturity in Nathan

586 – a free airsoft game!

587 – seeing the body of Christ work together to rally around friends

588 – seeing God work in people’s lives

589 – perfect devotionals. Some I read and some are sent to me. (Thanks again, Erin!)

590 – Student ministries pastors who encourage the boys to build their spiritual (and physical) muscles

591 – a super fun Family Fun DAY at Boomer’s


592 – brothers praying together!!

593 – Nathan found $20.00 on the sidewalk when he rode his bike home!

594 – Nathan got to answer questions about the 10 commandments in Language Arts today!! The teacher asked what the reference was to a bearded man coming down the mountain with 2 stone slabs. Nathan raised his hand & kept answering questions: • What was that? 10 Commandments  •Who received them?  Moses   •Where? Mt. Sinai   •Who were they for? Israelites  • What were they made of? Stone  •How many tablets? 2

595 – AND…Nathan was more excited about that than he was about finding the money on the sidewalk!! 🙂

596 – a great “Why I Believe” class

597 – 1st day back at HEW!!!!

598 – AND…I found out since I’m taking a class to renew my certification, I get a student discount at HEW!!!! YEA!! Now I have 6 weeks instead of 4! WOOHOO!!! 🙂

599 – That God caused me to look back as I was leaving today so I saw my bag that I needed to take for testing today! Fewf!!

600 – Erin took Michael and David while I went to HEW yesterday! They got to swim with Evan.

601 – Tim & the boys having fun together


602 – When what you have to say “no” to is too many church activities for you middle schooler!! Hallelujah

603 – The boys dogpiled on each other, laughing & goofing around


604 – Having the windows open

605 – The cool air that keeps the AC off! Yea!

606 – A beautiful, absolutely perfect morning to run the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure with Kerri. I was honored to share her day, where she runs in memory of her dear friend, and this year in support of another friend fighting breast cancer. I’m thankful to have Kerri as my friend.

607 – Adding 6 miles to the Race by running down Worth Ave. on Palm Beach, then up the beach, and down the intracoastal. Gorgeous!! Wish I’d had a camera.

608 – A Starbuck’s Gift Card from my Man! As a thank you for helping him with a project – an application for a professional development opportunity. Which I hope & pray will be in the February 1000 Gifts!! Stay tuned….


609 – Kerri found 2 pennies on the ground for me 🙂

610 – A family bike ride to Tiger Shark Park for tag & soccer

611 – A wonderful chat with my friend Michelle, who always encourages me! I’m thankful that miles don’t dim the friendship!!

612 – Raining pretty good as we were driving to our errands. But the rain stopped right as we needed to get out and go in the store! 🙂

613 – A beautiful full moon tonight!

614 – Four Square: Yes. in the house. All boys!


615 – Nerf battle: Parents vs. boys!DSC05641

616 – Boys coming to apologize. Love seeing tender hearts!!

617 – A bike fixed for free!!

618 – Michael CRACKING us all up! Tim was on a “pun run” at dinner. Michael looked at him & said, “Self control, Dad, self control.”

619 – Michael’s creativity


620 – Running 3.1 miles at an average 9.38/minute mile pace!! Yippee!!

621 – Finding running shoes on sale!

622 – Happy Birthday to the best grandmother in the world!! 98 and going strong!!


623 – Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world!! I’m blessed with such a great role model!

624 – Lisa helping me to see the favor of God through my mom. Thanks, girl! 🙂

Lisa Tweet

625 – Seeing “Jesus Is Lord” etched in the sidewalk on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach as we were running.

626 – Being able to get up 2 knots on the rope climb at HEW. Next, conquering my fear of heights to get to that next knot!!

627 – Seeing how the middle school messages and the Sunday morning messages are dovetailing together for the students.

628 – David & Tim had Art Wednesday one night and I got beautiful pictures as a result! 🙂


629 – “Michael-ism” #1: I was encouraging him to put down his iPod so he wouldn’t be tempted to play, so I said, “What did Joseph do when he was tempted?” Michael: “He ran away and got in trouble. So why should I run away and get in trouble too?”!!! only Michael. At least he was listening during the message yesterday! 🙂

630 – “Michael-ism” #2: we were talking about spiritual gifts. David was excited to know he had one, just wondered what it was. I said, “God will show you what your gifts are.” Michael: “Wouldn’t it be a lot easier just to take the test??”

631 – Speaking of spiritual gifts…it’s so gratifying to see Michael using his!

632 – God’s Favor!

Hope Run

633 – I am almost to my goal for the HOPE RUN!
Check it out by reading here.




Can’t wait to post results in the February 1000 gifts! 🙂

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1000 Gifts December

479 – An amazing story about how God blesses obedience! After our church went through a series on “The Blessed Life” one of our middle school students, Stephen, decided to start tithing for the first time in his life. The next Sunday he put $2.00 in the offering plate because that’s what he had. After service a man came up to Stephen and said, “God told me to give you this,” and handed Stephen a $20 bill!! Stephen was ecstatic!! I was floored!

480 – owls hooting at the park last night. Beautiful!

481 – free Rita’s Water Ice!! What an unexpected treat 🙂

482 – a phone that was fixed. Yes, I did have to output some money, BUT…they made a mistake in the summer and didn’t record something right, so I didn’t have to pay what I might have

483 – AND the guy threw in a car charger for free!! YEA!

484 – A super fun Boys’ Life Group Christmas party!

All posed

All - Boone mad

What happened to my house??

The end!

the aftermath

485 – Back to Bethlehem with great friends

1 Eichners 2012

486 – Cloud Mountains in the FL sky this morning. Beautiful!

487 – Watching movies together as a family

489 – Rain tonight. Thankful for that and for a cozy house with Christmas lights twinkling while we watch another movie.

490 – That Stephen would want to share his story (#479) with me! That was so gratifying. Stephen is part of Nathan’s life group, the group we hosted for 2 years. I love those boys!!

491 – A super quick but super fun visit from my brother!



492 – Specific answered prayer re: getting Nathan a shirt for Christmas Eve choir. We’d been out 2 days and found nothing. Today I went out again & found a shirt on sale + a tie for less than any other shirt we’d seen!!! Only God. And thanks, Kerri, for the suggestion! 🙂

493 – Seeing my boys experience the joy of giving

494 – Hearing Michael tell David, “You need to give some of your money to God so you can be blessed.” He listened during service a few months ago!

495 – Michael’s excitement over the Spiritual Gifts class he took at church.

496 – (anticipating this one a bit since Nathan’s not quite done…) Christmas break!!

497 – This one is an exercise in the discipline of obedience – 1 Thess. 5:18 “give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” I had a tutoring job lined up, which was an answer to prayer for some sort of part time job for me. But it fell through. 😦 I am totally NOT thankful for that at all!!! 😦 In fact, last night I was pretty bummed, to say the least. (to be honest, I was almost in tears) BUT… in the attempt to give thanks in all things, 2 blessings emerged. 1st – Tim was encouraging and broke the news slowly, since he got the email saying the job wasn’t going to work out. He even said, “God has something better.” Tim’s a keeper, don’t you think?! 🙂

498 – The 2nd blessing of #499 is that the job ended before it started. It would have been a drive, and I am grateful that I didn’t make several trips before it didn’t work.

499 – And a 3rd blessing is that I didn’t put any prep work into it. Sigh.

500 – Hearing Tim & the boys imitate the characters in Hogan’s Heroes, and laughing at their interpretations!

501 – I’m passed the 1/2 way point in counting to 1000! 🙂

502 – Playing games together

503 – lunch with Joy, and being able to share what God is doing in our lives

504 – hearing about how God is working in the Boynton Beach campus & seeing the blessing of obedience

505 – opportunities for boys to practice what God’s Word says. This isn’t fun! But it’s great growth for them. If they can master some of these opportunities now, they’ll have a jump on adult-hood.

506 – That the car wreck last night went into the park instead of into houses!




507 – That the wreck happened in the middle of the night, when no kids were playing in the park.

508 – Making graham cracker houses & gingerbread housesDSC05517



509 – Kids being able to do school work by the Christmas treeDSC05496

510 – Spur of the moment project ideas that the boys enjoy & that reinforce what we’re learning! 🙂


511 – A great jazz band concert for Nathan

512 – A great Advanced Band concert for Nathan

513 – having coffee with friends – and having it paid for! (Thanks, Laura!)

514 – Tim diagnosed & fixed the problem with our leaking toilet. Yea!

515 – Firehouse 7 breakfast

516 – and #515 was paid for also!! (Thanks, Holly!)

517 – Kerri’s encouragement as I shared how the tutoring wasn’t going to work out. “God’s got something better,” she said. And she knew she was right because of #517!!!

518 – being OVERWHELMED!. Seriously, this should count for 1000 just in and of itself!! Words Fail!!


519 – The boys’ shower quit working on Sunday & we were afraid of a big plumbing problem. We turned off the water to the house just in case some pipe had burst. I called a plumber who suggested we check the shower head to see if it was clogged. Tim cleaned it out & the boys have a new shower! No expensive emergency plumbing call or even a regular plumbing call needed! Hallelujah!!

520 – Seeing the boys do “air guitar” & other interpretations of Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas music. I can’t get pictures, and they wouldn’t let me post anyway. I’m sure you can imagine! 🙂

521 – Attending Christmas Eve services. And having Michael say, “I love our church. It’s my life.” So thankful that he’s plugged in and loving it!

522 – Nathan singing at all 8 Christmas Eve services, and saying that was the highlight of Christmas. He loved being there & the feeling of family the worship team has. I’m so thankful for such the great group of kids he has to hang with at church, and that he’d rather be there than just about anywhere!

523 – And N having 2 little guys join him for the candle lighting part. So precious! These 2 guys are sons of one of the gals in our adult life group.



524 – Christmas Traditions – and that the boys love them 🙂

525 – Aunt Debbie decided to give away presents this year, and I loved the boys’ response. She decided to take the money normally spent on nieces & nephews and give it to someone in need. The boys realize that’s what Christmas is all about. They were as excited about that gift as any they opened.

526 – Looking at Christmas lights after Christmas Eve services

527 – Sharing the joy of Christmas Eve services with a friend & her family. It was a heart-singing, stomach-flipping, God With Us service 🙂

528 – The boys having friends over that they don’t get to see as often as they’d like

529 – Sharing Christmas Day with special friends

530 – Being able to encourage other people

531 – seeing my “Timothys” growing in the Lord and serving Him. A joy beyond words!!

532 – Being challenged to have more of God on the inside so I can see more of Him outside

533 – Being able to help friends

534 – Relaxing during the holidays

535 – Serving at Christmas Eve services – on camera (Tim), in hospitality, or singing (Nathan)

536 – That Nathan would live at church if he could. We are SOOO blessed that what we have to say “no” to is being at church too much!

537 – the awesome people at church (like Ms. Lauri) who have poured into our boys’ lives (& other kids’ lives, too), and who continue to do so

538 – After Christmas Sales: Getting things for 75% off! Yippee 🙂

539 – Having coffee with Julie, and the wonderful bond we have as sisters in Christ, plus being former co-workers 🙂

540 – a beautiful day to share at the park with Amy and crew

541 – a precious conversation with Allie, Amy’s little almost 3yo. I love it that Allie comes to give me big hugs, sits on my lap and “chats” with me. Adorable

542 – Eating wings & watching football together

543 – Going out to eat on New Year’s Eve

544 – a neighborhood fireworks show




545 – a warm home-made apple pie from our neighbors! (Thanks, Sarah!)

546 – all the gifts, treats, & goodies from friends and neighbors during the holiday

547 – hiding some of the boys’ gifts in unusual places to keep them guessing this Christmas


548 – the boys stayed up until midnight on New Year’s Eve! This was a 1st

549 – Tim & the boys having fun together


550 – starting this blog in 2012. I’ve enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would

551 – the comments I get on posts. You all encourage me more than you know. 🙂

552 – the blessings yet to come in 2013!!

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1000 Gifts November

478 – I know it’s out of order – but, the perfect song for the month of November!

443 – A bag of goodies from my running buddy! Totally unexpected!!

444 – Not having to run the AC for several days!

445 – Michael’s working hard on a project at the culmination of election unit


446 – God’s peace after the election results.

447 – Conviction that my Friday prayer time shouldn’t just be focused on the election. Praying for our leaders is a command that doesn’t stop at the election.

448 – An amazing sunrise!

449 – A friend who pushes me to be more than I ever thought I could

450 – DOUBLE gumballs in the gum ball machine

451 – & #450 happened TWICE!! 🙂

452 – Sprinkler system started working again, and Tim was able to fix one of the sprinkler heads very easily! The cool thing about this is that I specifically prayed that God would fix the system last week when it wouldn’t rotate around. Being the ever-so-patient person I am (NOT!!!) I think I gave Him 5 minutes, then kept trying. No good. I even got generous and tried again after a few hours. NOTHING. Have to admit – a little bummed here. Wanting that miracle fix. So after a week, I go to show Tim where the problem is & get wet because it’s rotating around again! Tim did a quick adjustment of one head, and Wal-AH! we’re back in business. So not only did God fix the system, He gave me a little lesson in HIS TIMING! (which is another blog that’s processing right now!)

453 – hysterical (as always!) White Elephant Party – and a great way to get into Thanksgiving week since this group has been doing White Elephant for 15+ years!!

454 – Finding the rest of my “Turkey Time” pages. It’s what the boys are doing this week to keep their brains active and me sane. 🙂 I had some, but knew I was missing more. I felt sad because theses are pages I had saved from teaching days. While helping Nathan with a project, I found the rest. Tim had prayed that I would! Specific prayer=Specific answers!!

455 – Older guys who pour into mine. 🙂

photo from Chris F at Triple Two

456 – A day with NO spats between Michael & David. Those of you who KNOW my boys will agree – this one should be worth at least 10 blessings!!!!! 🙂

457 – A wonderful Thanksgiving break. I was going to pre-write this one because I knew it would be a great time. I just had no idea how many little blessings God would throw our way – made even more special because my friend Shonda was right there with me pointing them out left &  right!

458 – A flat bike tire. WHAT?!?! Yes, it was a blessing. And this is why. Without the flat tire we wouldn’t have had to make a Wal-Mart trip the Wed. before Thanksgiving. Because we had to fix the tire, we also made a grocery list for a few last minute things…

459 – AND… we decided to put the stuffing together before I left for Wal-Mart. Which was a blessing, because I made a BIG goof & the bread I made went bad. So we found that out before we went grocery shopping, so we could add insta-stuffing to our list!

460 – THEN…there was a hardware store 2 minutes from our friends’ house. They had both a tube & a bike repair kit, which save us a longer trip to Wal-Mart. Fewf!!

461 – SO…we were able to go to the local grocery store & complete both errands in the time it would have taken us to drive one way to Wal-Mart!

462 – AND…all this happened on Wednesday, (which was our planned Thanksgiving meal day since we go camping Thanksgiving day for the weekend) instead of Thursday, when stores were closed!


463 – Such special friends to share Thanksgiving with! Bart & Tim were roommates in college. Bart & Shonda got engaged at our apartment our 1st Thanksgiving as husband & wife. In the past 20 years we’ve only had about 5-6 Thanksgivings we haven’t shared together! 🙂


464- Cool weather when we camped


465 – A found iTouch

466 – A found pocket-knife

467 – 2 found kids (not really lost, just separated on the bike ride)

468 – a big brother who took care of his little sister 🙂

469 – safety on the road up & back to Wagners

470 – a great life group lesson on taking thoughts captive that Tim had for the 6th grade boys!

471 – life-lessons learned at the camp ground. Look for the post “All’s Well That Ends Well” 🙂


472 – Shonda giving spiritual guidance to all the kids, and then seeing a blog post before I did!

473 – A great bike ride around Jekyll Island DSC05414

474 – Seeing these bushes alive with butterflies! And butterflies are one of Honey’s favorites 🙂


475 – That we had the bike repair kit & tube with us on the camping trip, because we needed it! Even though Bart & Tim had to double their ride, we had everything we needed to fix the tire (again!) & keep ridin’.

476 – A nice long break while Tim & Bart biked back to the campground. The kids got to see a horseshoe crab & enjoy the ocean (yes, the ocean at Thanksgiving! 🙂




477 – MY FAMILY!!!



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1000 Gifts October

OK. I know it’s not October,
but since November isn’t finished & I’m still counting blessings,
I thought it would be appropriate to post this on Thanksgiving day!

398 – a beautiful sunrise

399 – an amazing sunset

400 – food for dinner brought over! What a treat

401 – seeing the boys be sensitive to the Holy Spirit & conviction

402 – brothers hugging each other

403 – a crazy but awesome road trip for David & me with my friend Patty & her son

404 – beautiful cool weather in Virginia for our trip

405 – sharing my parents with people! 🙂

406 – David did a great job on both 14 hour car rides

407 – safety & alertness as we drove to VA

408 – visiting an apple orchard

409 – a fire in the fireplace Friday morning 🙂

410 – a fire in the fire pit complete with smores!

411 – David had a sleepover with his good buddy at Mom & Dad’s

412 – Liberty Homecoming – fun in the bounce houses for David, the most exciting football game I’ve seen in a while!, the parade, and meeting people

413 – Visiting with Woerners, but that one was too short!

414 – Being able to text so I could stay up to date with football and soccer games I missed while in VA

415 – A Hattrick for Nathan!

416 – Tim yelled for me at the games, especially when Michael had a great tackle!

417 – opportunities to build character on the football field

418 – Sergio helping Tim with life group while I was gone

419 – rich conversation with Mom, Dad, Patty, & Andy

420 – “planning” out everyone else’s life and ministry 🙂

421 – getting a suntan while watching football

422 – neighbors who stop by to let us know the van windshield wipers were on. HUGE blessing!! I had a very big blonde moment and left the keys in the car, my phone charging, and the wipers on – duuuhhh! PTL they stopped by so we could get the car jumped instead of being high and dry the next morning!

423 – cool mornings – enough to wear long sleeves! – on a run

424 – the opportunity to help fight human trafficking!!

425 – 6th grade life group discussions

426 – 6th grade life group getting the messages & applying them!

427 – 6th grade life group ROCKING the Tebow Toss at Fall Festival!

428 – Fabulous Fall Festival at church

429 – The boys have great role models to emulate!

photo from our youth pastor, Pastor Ryan

430 – Beautiful prayer times on Friday mornings with some sweet sisters in Christ!

431 – Low lying fog in the early morning

432 – Seeing David have the joy of watching sunrise on our trip to VA

433 – seeing 2 fighter jets flying over Jacksonville on our trip

434 – Being challenged during Sunday services

435 – Neighborhood boys playing football in the park together

436 – My oldest son came home with many notes from church. HES THE BEST 13 YEAR OLD EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR GO GATORS! (Written by Nathan 🙂 ) – yes, he hacked this post 🙂 But I am thankful for what he got out of the message today 🙂

437 – being able to do school work outside

438 – finishing Elections unit, a co-op of home schoolers learning about elections and our history as a nation

439 – at the end of Elections unit I got an unexpected and generous gift!! Amazing & humbling!!

440 – part of that elections unit gift went to David’s giving bank. Earlier in the month, one of his brothers accidentally used David’s giving money for offering one week. David was saving that money to give to our sponsored child for Christmas. God paid David back! 🙂

441 – Being able to share Michael’s birthday with a super-special friend, Mrs. Laura!

442 – MICHAEL! The best 12 year old on the planet!!

I said, “Michael, you made that man smile.” He said, “That’s what Michaels do!”

So very true. And I’m so thankful God blessed us with him 12 years ago!!

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