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Daily Life Guest Post

As we blog through The ABC’s of Homeschooling,

I got the letter D.

D for Daily Life

but I should have signed up for B

…as in B for Battle!

Daily Life here isn’t always pretty, peeps!

BUT, God is always working and I’m so thankful!

Click below to read the whole story & be encouraged! 🙂

JoyFilled Guest Post

 My Joy-Filled Life


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Belle Glade Beautiful

The 5 Minute Friday topic:


and I immediately thought of our week in Belle Glade.

BG picture

No way to do it justice.
Not in 5 minutes,
Not in 5 lifetimes!

But I want to share some of the beauty with you,
so I will attempt,
knowing that some things,
even for one who loves words,
are best shared face to face.

It was Beautiful… to see 40+ (yes, really!) girls and leaders living in unity and fun,
sharing and praying together at day’s end


Yes, we did look like a tetris board completely filled up!
Yes, we got our exercise walking/jumping to and from our mattresses each day!


It was Beautiful… to see middle school kids learn, grow, and lead Sports Camp with excellence!


DSC05897 DSC05927 DSC05921




It was Beautiful… to see God call me to something crazy – seriously crazy! – during the week
AND call my husband to something similar – without either one of us knowing!!


Then see Him confirm that call in His Word

It was Beautiful… to see God answer prayer!


It was Beautiful… to see 500+ students sing in worship and surrender

DSC05954 DSC05942

and to hear them cry out to God in prayer,
a Thursday night etched in eternal memories


It was Beautiful… to be challenged by our Student Ministries pastors twice daily

prayer notes

It was Beautiful… to share the re-cap of the week together, even though it doesn’t touch the surface.


click to watch the Belle Glade service

It IS Beautiful… to see God continuing the work He started last week!!



It WILL BE Beautiful… to see others wake up and take the challenge!
You’ve got 2 to choose from – go for both! 🙂

Prayer Pocket Challenge

Awake 514 Challenge

I’d love the company!


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Honoring Fathers

I just posted on my Facebook…

My boys are so blessed!







and so am I




BBMom&Dad 50th

I’m so thankful for the gift of such a great Dad
who has his priorities straight
and provides an amazing example of living life for God
and of the joy of ministry!
What a legacy he has!

photo-66And I’m so thankful for Tim
and the example he provides for our boys
of how to love his wife
and walk humbly before his God.
What a legacy he is leaving!

Eichner-3 - Version 4

I am so blessed, and am thankful that my boys are too!

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Love Handles Wisdom

“Love Handles”
the theme of the last Student Ministry series
about how to handle relationships in a Godly way.

During the series there were some great points like…

“Don’t worry about finding the right person. Worry about BEING the right person.”
“God cares more about your soul than your status”
“Girls, you are worth the wait.”
“Guys, marriage is worth waiting for.”

But my favorite part of the series was the end.

All during the series kids had been sending in questions about relationships. The Student Ministry Pastors chose a panel of a single gal, a single guy, a dating couple, and a married couple to answer some of those questions.


Can I just say, that panel was AWESOME!! Seriously, I was amazed at the wisdom imparted to the students! Here’s an example: Question: “What do I do if I’ve found a great person, a really Godly person, but my parents don’t want me to date?” Answer: “If your parents aren’t for it, it’s not a Godly relationship. If you have to go against your parents, you’re saying it’s ok to lie and your relationship is based on a lie.” See what I mean?!?

But still, my favorite part was the end of the panel.
Because a spontaneous idea turned out to be amazing.

My parents “happened” (really, orchestrated by God) to be visiting us and wanted to observe a Student Ministry service. They “happened” to be there during the panel discussion. When I mentioned to Pastor Aaron that Mom & Dad had been married 51 years (and started dating in 9th/10th grade), he immediately asked if they’d be willing to share one nugget of truth to the kids at the end of the panel. Since Dad is a teacher and former pastor, it wasn’t too hard for him to say yes 🙂


So they went on stage at the end of the discussion as special guests
and gave the kids one word
to help them build a lasting relationship.


Faithfulness first to God, and then to each other. They challenged the kids to follow God’s design and not mess with Him. Then they prayed a prayer of blessing over the middle schoolers. Dad got a little choked up, and so did I.

What a special night!
One of those magical memories!
I loved hearing the kids cheer for Mom & Dad.


But the best was still yet to come. They were floored by the number of kids who came up to them – especially boys! – and thanked them for sharing. They got to talk with and pray with a group of gals who sought them out. It was so gratifying to them, and to me, too!


What a great exclamation point to their 50th Anniversary celebration last year!
And what a blessing to know they’re still being used by God!


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Doing Life Together

The topic was “View”

And I had a front row seat.

It was beautiful!

To see a mom re-united with her son for the 1st time in 2+ years.

He’s active duty military; been deployed to Afghanistan.


To see a wife willing to stay behind, share her man, and be content with watching on video.

To see a life group doing life together.

To see everyone working together to make a milestone birthday surprise happen.

To hear all of us saying, “This is why we do life together.

No one person could have pulled this off alone.


To see someone have an idea

share that idea with another

who mobilized a group of people

to give, plan, and prepare

and every person’s input was crucial to the success.

To see each person thinking through different details that would have been missed by another.

To hear numerous phone conversations

and see texts flying back and forth as we gathered together.

To see adults giddy with the excitement of anticipation!

To hear boys planning ways to reveal the surprise:

“Let’s paint our faces black and belly crawl through the grass!”
“Let’s rappel from the roof!”
“Mr. Nate can be the window washer and wash her window.”
I told you he was active duty military! 🙂
He was also their life-group leader a few years ago, so he trained them well!


To see Mr. Nate lead and manage the boys,

giving them reconnaissance duties
(this did involve the roof),

and entry-point duties

which they loved, and also helped them feel a part of the event.

To see my boys experience the thrill of giving

even though they don’t really know the mom, just the son.

To hear, “Next time there’s a surprise like that I’m in!” from my boys.

To see strangers appreciate the experience.

To realize how blessed we all are to do life together!

I don’t know which was the better view –

all the planning and excitement beforehand,

or witnessing the joyous reunion!

It was beautiful!

The perfect beginning to Memorial Day weekend!


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I Won A Lesson

“Enter to Win!”
Familiar words.
Done it many times.
I. NEVER. win.
Until a few weeks ago.

And I won more than a prize.
I won a lesson.

My friend Jen, of Finding Heaven Today, has a group called Soli Deo Gloria. We “meet” together on Monday nights (or sometimes Tuesday mornings for me :-)) to share our hearts. A few weeks ago Jen shared about some necklaces she’d had made for Soli Deo Gloria. And she shared what the necklace means to her. (You can read that here.) I can totally relate to her words because they could be mine.


pictures are from Jen’s blog

“I’ve had a problem with pride.
I’ve had issues (and still do, at times) with asking for the world’s applause.
I’ve wanted glory and fame and recognition simply because I thought these things would bring me wholeness.
I thought that if I did big things in the name of Jesus, I would have the best of both worlds

–the approval and acclamation of God and Man.” (Jen’s words, my issues)

At the end of her post was a chance to “Enter To Win” one of the necklaces.

Every thing you did gave you another chance to win the necklace. She had things like commenting on the post, commenting on other people’s posts in the Soli Deo Gloria party, sharing on Facebook and Twitter, etc.

Enter To Win

So here’s the rub for me.
This came during my time of fasting.
No big deal, except I was fasting social media,
so I wasn’t on Facebook or Twitter at the time.

Oh I thought about all kinds of ways to get around it. I even thought about emailing Jen to ask for a special dispensation – could I maybe just say I wasn’t on Facebook or Twitter and still get the points? Should I try to get the points by just leaving a message about the fast – if that would even work? What to do?! What to do?!

As I was stewing, God spoke to me. He convicted me that He is sovereign. He knew the timing of Jen’s post would coincide with my social media fast. If He really wanted me to win that necklace, He could overcome the “lost” chances from not being on Twitter or Facebook. So I did everything I could, but didn’t email or try to manipulate my chances.

I WON!!!


I can’t wait to get my necklace! Not just because I think it’s neat. But because I so identify with Jen’s words in her post. So it will be a reminder to me, also, that my focus should be on God and His glory in all I do. And it will also be a reminder of the balance of doing what I can do, but trusting God to do what He can do, and leaving results up to Him. Which is a great lesson for me!

AND… before I could post this… guess what came in the mail today?!?!
Thank You, Lord!

1Necklace Soli copy

My necklace – all for HIS GLORY!!


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1000 Gifts March

682- A free Starbucks coffee!! They didn’t have what I ordered, so I got it free. And I had great conversation with Sandra added to this blessing! What an encouraging time!

683 – Went to the Boynton Commitment service. Prayed about what God wanted us to do and did it. 5 days later Tim got an opportunity to teach summer school! Classes still have to make, but we both were encouraged.

684 – Prayed for increased income. Found 6 pennies on the ground 🙂

685 – Prayed more specifically for denominations of 10. Kerri found a dime for me while running at HEW! 🙂

686 – Being able to keep windows open. It’s so nice to have that fresh air in the house!

687 – Michael & Nathan are excited about Belle Glade missions trip coming up. We’re glad to be able to participate this year. You can read about last year here.

688 – Being able to guest post at Hip Homeschool Moms!  Hip Homeschool Moms Button

689 – Unexpected cool weather! Yea for bringing out the jackets and jeans again! I really didn’t think we’d have much winter back in December and early January!

690 – Boys encouraging other kids to do the right thing during worship.

691 – Looking out the window and seeing the sky full of stars

692 – SPECIFICALLY fasting for positive interactions, and last night it happened!!! Praying for more to continue!

693 – God’s Word purifying my heart

694 – Learning to practice living by God’s Word!

695 – When the HEW Coach says, “Good squats, Michelle” and really means it! 🙂

696 – Learning how to do a handstand push up. Not that I can go all the way down yet, but I will get there!

697 – Climbing up one more knot on the rope at HEW!! (Big blessing for the short ME who’s afraid of heights when I’m climbing. Roller coasters are fine, but I’m not the one climbing those! :-))

698 – A wonderful phone conversation with a wonderful friend, who just happens to have a wonderful name. Thanks, Michelle 🙂

699 – Seeing answers to prayer during the fast


700 – getting $10 in the mail

701 – finding a dime and a quarter on the ground

702 – An UN STINKIN BELIEVABLE! display of God’s hand at work!! Seriously, you HAVE TO READ that post!

703 – David bringing me a nickel he found on the ground saying, “Mommy, you’ve been praying, right?”


704 – A perfect weather day yesterday. Seriously, I don’t have enough adjectives to describe it.

705- Coupons so we could have Chick-Fil-A and pay $0.00!! 🙂

706 – BookIt!

707 – Finding a quick new recipe on the back of the rice box

708 – Michael’s decision to be baptized. No Greater Joy! (ya gotta read that one, too! :-)) Seriously! That adds about another 20 blessings to this list!!

1Michael out

709 – Friends who went in the water (even though it was freezing!!) with him to stand with him and support him.

710 – Amazing youth pastors who braved the cold all evening for the joy of baptizing students!

going in

711 – Youth pastors who call up the youth! Who encourage boys to step into all that God has for them. But not just by saying those words, by giving them the opportunity to actually do it! And then encouraging them that “it’s the first of many”. A blessing beyond words!

712 – That Nathan realizes what a blessing it is to have Pastor Ryan encourage him to baptize his friend! (see #711)


713 – A friend who took great pictures of the baptism so I could be in the water with Michael and video tape. Thanks, Kadi!


714 – Celebrating the baptism with lots of students at Chick-Fil-A afterwords. And being able to help Nathan raise money for SLU in June.

715 – Lessons learned during the fast

716 – Breaking the fast with donuts and ice cream for breakfast!

717 – A nice cold weather snap, even though it came for the baptism. Michael won’t forget that day! 🙂

718 – Watching “The Bible” together as a family


719 – All the conversation and questions that #698 has brought!

720 – An amazing weekend of Easter services!

Easter 2013

thanks Stephanie Field for the pictures!

721 – That Nathan wanted to be at all 9 Easter services singing in the choir!

722 – A glorious sunrise to greet us on our way to church Easter morning!


723 – EASTER!! He is RISEN!! We have joy forever. Hallelujah!!

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