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Belle Glade Beautiful

The 5 Minute Friday topic:


and I immediately thought of our week in Belle Glade.

BG picture

No way to do it justice.
Not in 5 minutes,
Not in 5 lifetimes!

But I want to share some of the beauty with you,
so I will attempt,
knowing that some things,
even for one who loves words,
are best shared face to face.

It was Beautiful… to see 40+ (yes, really!) girls and leaders living in unity and fun,
sharing and praying together at day’s end


Yes, we did look like a tetris board completely filled up!
Yes, we got our exercise walking/jumping to and from our mattresses each day!


It was Beautiful… to see middle school kids learn, grow, and lead Sports Camp with excellence!


DSC05897 DSC05927 DSC05921




It was Beautiful… to see God call me to something crazy – seriously crazy! – during the week
AND call my husband to something similar – without either one of us knowing!!


Then see Him confirm that call in His Word

It was Beautiful… to see God answer prayer!


It was Beautiful… to see 500+ students sing in worship and surrender

DSC05954 DSC05942

and to hear them cry out to God in prayer,
a Thursday night etched in eternal memories


It was Beautiful… to be challenged by our Student Ministries pastors twice daily

prayer notes

It was Beautiful… to share the re-cap of the week together, even though it doesn’t touch the surface.


click to watch the Belle Glade service

It IS Beautiful… to see God continuing the work He started last week!!



It WILL BE Beautiful… to see others wake up and take the challenge!
You’ve got 2 to choose from – go for both! 🙂

Prayer Pocket Challenge

Awake 514 Challenge

I’d love the company!


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Prayer Pocket Challenge

How do you put one incredible week into words?

If you’ve been on a missions trip
or to church camp,
you know what I mean.
And I was on both of those last week!

As often is the case, I had another direction to go with this post, but God changed my mind just now

because I read this


There is so much behind that great blog, but it’s for another day. What God brought to mind as I read Logan’s words was the message Pastor Aaron preached Wednesday morning

Wake Up And Pray!

Pastor Aaron talked about creating Prayer Pockets. A Prayer Pocket is something you do daily that you use as a trigger to pray – like brushing your teeth.

prayer notes

And I thought, here’s a challenge! The whole week of Belle Glade the pastors challenged us that the week was more than a week. Logan’s awake. Some of the other guys are also awake and planning things for the next year. We can be a part of that! How? Glad you asked!!

  • We can pray! Those of you who are bloggers, what about making your blog a Prayer Pocket? Every time you sit down to blog, why not pray a quick prayer for these students who were awakened last week – that God will keep them awake and use them to transform their schools and their culture?
  • If you’re not a blogger, when you read this you can pray, and ask God to give you a prayer pocket to remember the students throughout out this next year.

Would you do me a favor? Would you either write down a prayer God puts on your heart in the comments, or tell me that you’re making your blog a Prayer Pocket.

I got gooesbumps last night thinking of the prayer covering we could give these kids!!

“Prayer is the birthplace of ministry, and the fuel for its fruit.
Prayers outlive those who pray them.” Pastor Aaron

Can’t wait to see what God does as we bring these kids before Him!!

Thanks for being a part of the Great Awakening!!

cfstudent mission


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Love Handles Wisdom

“Love Handles”
the theme of the last Student Ministry series
about how to handle relationships in a Godly way.

During the series there were some great points like…

“Don’t worry about finding the right person. Worry about BEING the right person.”
“God cares more about your soul than your status”
“Girls, you are worth the wait.”
“Guys, marriage is worth waiting for.”

But my favorite part of the series was the end.

All during the series kids had been sending in questions about relationships. The Student Ministry Pastors chose a panel of a single gal, a single guy, a dating couple, and a married couple to answer some of those questions.


Can I just say, that panel was AWESOME!! Seriously, I was amazed at the wisdom imparted to the students! Here’s an example: Question: “What do I do if I’ve found a great person, a really Godly person, but my parents don’t want me to date?” Answer: “If your parents aren’t for it, it’s not a Godly relationship. If you have to go against your parents, you’re saying it’s ok to lie and your relationship is based on a lie.” See what I mean?!?

But still, my favorite part was the end of the panel.
Because a spontaneous idea turned out to be amazing.

My parents “happened” (really, orchestrated by God) to be visiting us and wanted to observe a Student Ministry service. They “happened” to be there during the panel discussion. When I mentioned to Pastor Aaron that Mom & Dad had been married 51 years (and started dating in 9th/10th grade), he immediately asked if they’d be willing to share one nugget of truth to the kids at the end of the panel. Since Dad is a teacher and former pastor, it wasn’t too hard for him to say yes 🙂


So they went on stage at the end of the discussion as special guests
and gave the kids one word
to help them build a lasting relationship.


Faithfulness first to God, and then to each other. They challenged the kids to follow God’s design and not mess with Him. Then they prayed a prayer of blessing over the middle schoolers. Dad got a little choked up, and so did I.

What a special night!
One of those magical memories!
I loved hearing the kids cheer for Mom & Dad.


But the best was still yet to come. They were floored by the number of kids who came up to them – especially boys! – and thanked them for sharing. They got to talk with and pray with a group of gals who sought them out. It was so gratifying to them, and to me, too!


What a great exclamation point to their 50th Anniversary celebration last year!
And what a blessing to know they’re still being used by God!


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No Greater Joy!

What a day!
And what a way to usher in
the ending of our fast and the Easter weekend!


Michael was baptized at the Student Ministries beach baptism
Juno Beach, 3/27/13

It was chilly!
64 degrees with a 10mph wind.
Pastor Todd said this group was the first Christ Fellowship Polar Bear Club! 🙂
But it was a special evening!

How special to share this significant step with people who have supported Michael and spoken into his life so consistently from elementary school on!


How special to be able to be out in the ocean with him! even though it was cold!!

1Michael under

How special to hear Pastor Tom encourage all those who were being baptized that they would influence their generation for Christ!


How special to have youth pastors who brave the chilly temps and high waves not just for Michael, but for all the kids who followed Christ in baptism yesterday!



How special to have those youth pastors speak into Michael’s life and encourage him. Michael says he’s being spoiled. 🙂

1Aaron Ryan

How special for Michael to have his friends support him in this part of his journey!



How special to have our friends share our celebration in person and in spirit!



How special to have a life group leader support Michael in spirit, and speak encouraging words into Michael on his special day.


How special to hear students worshipping unashamedly and singing praises to our God on the beach!




How special to have one of our friends take pictures for us!


How special to have Tim take part in baptizing Michael, and seeing Nathan’s joy for his brother!

1Michael baptized

1Michael Nathan

How special to have Michael experience the joy of obedience. Every time he watches the video he celebrates!

1Michael joy

1Michael out

How special!

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4


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Lean On Me

Lean on Me

When you’re not strong…

I’ll help you carry on

I’m so amazed that every time Nathan plays drums God gives him a lesson in dependence.
Every. Single. Time.

Last weekend Nathan played. But he almost backed out. Circumstances were less than ideal, especially for my one who likes to know ahead of time what’s going on and likes to be prepared. So here are all the obstacles Nathan faced this past weekend:

  • First week of being a public school student – time taken up with school
  • Getting adjusted to the schedule & lots of late nights meant Nathan was pretty exhausted
  • Because he’s in school during the day, he’s lost a lot of his practice time. We don’t let him wail on the drums too late in the evening…we want our neighbors to like us! 🙂
  • He didn’t get the songs they were playing until Thursday afternoon after school
  • He didn’t know any of the songs!
  • His drum teacher couldn’t help out because he’s busy on the weekends with his band

Nathan hit the wall Thursday afternoon. His response was, “I can’t do it!” and beyond. But in the stress, God gave Nathan a chance to learn some neat lessons.

  • I told Nathan that if God calls, He enables
  • Nathan learned that God provides, too. I let him know that he probably wouldn’t get to meet with his drum teacher, but God would provide someone to help him. Within minutes – LITERAL MINUTES! – one of the high school drum players texted Nathan about getting together & helping him with the songs.
  • Pastor Ryan really encouraged Nathan to be all in. Ryan talked Nathan off the ledge and over his first hurdle in his 8th grade year!
  • Pastor Ryan also made some adjustments to the songs so Nathan wouldn’t have to learn 3 songs

Nathan did play, as you know.
And it was a blessing to my friend
to see the middle school kids leading in worship,
knowing kids in middle school are willing to publicly proclaim what they believe.
It was a blessing to some of the student ministry partners,
knowing they were watching the future worship leaders of the church.
It wasn’t perfect, but it was good.

And Nathan learned, again, to Lean on his Faithful God!


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Take the Land Part 3 – Days that Echo for Eternity

An amazing day in Student Ministries for me!

1st – Nathan & his friend Alex were able to play in the band together for the first time. (Nathan’s playing is another post in & of itself!) I love seeing the students leading their peers in worship! A friend of mine was watching and got tears in her eyes seeing young kids live their faith out loud. Sorry the picture’s a little blurry – trying to time the lights so I could get a picture was challenging! As it is, you can’t really see Nathan behind the glass, but he’s there! 🙂

2nd – Another beautiful message from Joshua (even though I took it out of the Old Testament a few weeks ago :-)) But, like my friend Kerri said, the “damage” has already been done, so might as well keep it and the Student Ministries staff intact. 🙂 (If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, click here, then here! please!) Today was Joshua 6&7 – the battles of Jericho & Ai

Bottom line – it’s all about the focus.
“Your posture precedes your portion”

  • Where is the focus of my life?
  • Where is the focus of my source of strength?
  • Where’s my focus when I’m in the desert or things are silent?

Ultimately all of those answers need to be “God”. Am I looking for GOD to do something, or am I focused on my own strength and thought process? I’ve already shared my Jericho/Ai personal illustration with my 1st 2 races. One little 5K (I blew it!) & one big 1/2 marathon (God did it!).

Joshua’s posture of humility before and dependence on God resulted in victory at Jericho! Israel’s reliance on themselves + sin in the camp resulted in defeat at the puny town of Ai.

Here are a few of the notes I wrote down today:

  • The Israelites’ time in the desert was to form their character
  • Your vertical relationship determines your horizontal relationships
  • The question isn’t “WHAT” am I living for, it’s “WHO” am I living for?
  • Power isn’t in what you’re doing, it’s in WHO your doing it for
  • Silence preceded Shouts of Victory
  • We want to have students whose days Echo for Eternity!

I LOVE! how our students are being challenged and called up – in an inspiring but also very realistic way! Yes, there is land to take, but there will be battles to fight when you take that land, and you’d better make sure you have the right posture – empty of sin & self so you can be filled with God & move in HIS strength!

I LOVE! that I can serve in Student Ministries and get something out of that message as well!

I LOVE! that the series ended with a chance for those students who felt called to take the land to stand, be surrounded by adults & peers, prayed over & commissioned to go out and Take The Land, and that Nathan was able to pray for people. He was excited about that.

I LOVE! that Michael stood up & was prayed over, knowing he has been called by God to TAKE THE FIELD – his football team.  (Still can’t believe I have 2! in Middle School!)

I LOVE! all of you that have encouraged me in this blogging thing and have assured me of your prayers for Nathan as he is at Landings this year. Your prayers will Echo for Eternity as you go with him daily into his battle ground. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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