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Prepared Not To Miss

I’m not waiting anymore.

I got a word

got direction

just not what I was expecting

and God had me

Prepared Not To Miss

AMazingA few Saturdays ago I attended the Amazing Women’s conference. Our pastor’s wife, Julie Mullins, spoke first about how God is writing His story in each of us. You can hear all of it – it’s worth it! What she said that struck me and has resonated with me strongly in the last few weeks is this:

Don’t miss your story.

She shared about their struggles to start a family and how eventually friends around her were having kids, changing diapers, and having playdates. As Julie went to appointments, she kept thinking about her friends going to the park and said, “I want to be going there!” She said one day, as she continued to look at what God was doing in other people, He gently told her not to miss what He was doing in her life, in her story.

quiet time copyI can relate
– to her struggle in having a family,
– to looking at other people and
wanting what God is doing in their lives
to not appreciating what God is doing in my life
because it doesn’t look like I thought it would
or like I want it to.
Teacher – sure, to 3 boys –
NOT to 20+ students again.
Teaching – sure, as always, at home with my boys –
NOT in the classroom again!

Carol Amazing

picture by Carol Gonzales from Amazing

Because of the Amazing weekend
God had me
Prepared Not To Miss
the story He will write in the next chapter of my life,
even though it looks nothing like I thought it would or want it to.
And my heart is starting to catch up to my head! 🙂


Here’s the rest of the Amazing conference. It really is worth it to watch!


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Stewarding God’s Story

If I had a penny for every metaphor of God’s writing a story in our lives over the past few weeks I’d be a rich gal! Here are just a few:

I read this tweet about giving God the pen & I wrote a post about it

God's Pen

I’ve read blogs and heard things on the radio about how God is writing a story with our lives.

Last week our Campus Pastor, Jonathan, announced the Amazing 2013 event by staying,
“We are stewards of the story God is writing with our lives.”

And I’m ok as long as there’s writing going on. As long as I see the pen moving. Action, people. I like action. You know, “Action Action We want Action! A-C-T(clap,clap,clap) I-O-N (clap,clap,clap)” Go, Do. I’m not a good “sit still”-er. Think Martha, not Mary. Because if I’m doing, moving, I have a semblance of control.

So what happens when God refills the ink of His quill pen?
What do I do when it seems like an eternity
between the time the last word was written and the next letter starts?

What do I do with the waiting?

I’m not good at it. My friend Jen Ferguson wrote this: “Why do I feel better if I’m doing something fruitless instead of being still & letting God do something magnificent?” Oh, how I relate to that! This is her take:

1Ugly vs. BeautyAfter today’s service I could say,
“Focusing on problem can make you miss the Promise who walked through the door.”

Just today God gave me some challenges from the message. (It’s worth watching! According to John Week 5.) Pastor Todd preached out of John 11, comparing the miracle of Lazarus’ resurrection to the one where Jesus raised the son of the Roman official in John 4:43-54. One was an instant miracle (John 4), one was The Long Way Around (John 11). Here are some of the quotes and challenges God gave to me today:

  • Don’t despise the detour and miss what God has on the journey
  • Don’t hold onto an old thing with Jesus wants to do a new thing
  • Stop crying in the corner about your problem when the PROMISE is walking through the door!!
  • There was a crowd in John 11 – more people were affected on The Long Way Around
  • Don’t hold onto grief; Hold onto God
  • God will get you where He wants you, you might just have to take The Long Way Around. When you wonder, “Why is this taking so long??”, hang in there. God will get you where He wants you.
  • Martha & Mary thought Jesus was LATE, but He was NOT!! (this is a biggie for me!!) He was right on time for what He wanted to do that glorified God
  • It’s The Long Way Around that tests my faith. When God asks, “Do you REALLY BELIEVE it?” Like Pastor Todd said of his conversations with God: God – “I know you can preach it, sing it, pray it, admonish it, but do you really BELIEVE it. Do you really believe I AM ENOUGH for you?”
  • God cares more about changing me than changing my circumstances

And the kicker was this line from the opening video by Donta Nelson

“We should not be desperate for the miracles,
but desperate for the SOURCE”

and I realize I’ve gotten more desperate for the miracle, the testimony, than I am for the SOURCE.


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My 6th grader teaches

I look over

and he’s drawing –

silly faces, doodles, some story in his mind,

blam! blam! blam!

Michael notes


he’s filling out the visitor tear-out flap

with a goofy name, address, email

and prayer request for more cake


Michael flap

and I wonder –

is he getting anything?

anything at all out of the message on conflict?!?

Then during the week

someone does him wrong.

and maybe twice?!


with all her “spiritual” wisdom.

“Burn me once, shame on you.
Burn me twice, shame on me!”

and he says,

“Mom, it’s just like Pastor Todd said.

Fill the gap with trust.

That’s what I’m doing.

Don’t get mad.

Just fill the gap with trust.”

Michael Notes2

He was so excited!

With a big smile on his face he said,

“See, Mom, I’m practicing what I learned!

This has been a great week so far!”

Yes, it has,

and it IS shame on me

for doubting that he heard anything,

and for not practicing what I heard on Sunday.

just a little disclaimer…
I post this so I can remember this 1 day out of the 365, this 1 time (out of the seemingly 50 billion other times) we saw Jesus working! It’s not always roses here, peeps!! 🙂


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HOPE Lost & Found

Boys Arguing, Fighting, Scowling
And it’s SUNDAY! We’re on our way to church!!

Asking them, “What do you need to do to make things right?
Answer: “I don’t want to.”
Hard heart

More praying – a little more intense
Parking. He sees friends.
Now he can smile.
All’s well.

That’s not an attitude change
it’s a circumstance change.

Still unresolved, unconfessed sin.
“I don’t care.”
“I don’t want to.”
Still a hard heart.

More Praying – God I need WISDOM!!
Do I push to resolve the issue?
Do we sit in the car and miss worship and the message?
I can’t change the heart anyway!

God reminded me – Praise makes the enemy SHUT UP!
OK. In we go –  l a t e  – with arms crossed and a scowl on one face
I’m struggling with FEELING the worship in the middle of battle

We sing “I love You Lord. I worship You”
And I raise my hands in the discipline of worship
You are our God. You alone are good.”
And I continue to pray more urgently
Claiming God’s character, claiming His strength as we sing

You ARE God
You ARE Good
I am wavering in my faith
I ask You to break the will and soften the heart
I need You!


and the tears fall at that sweet whisper to my soul, as I surrender.
God, my hope seems lost, but You will renew!
And I keep praying through communion,
through the rest of worship,
as the message begins.

Halfway through the message he leans over and says, “I’m sorry.”
As I look at my notes, I realize God softened the heart
Right before the point He needed him to hear!

And I’m overwhelmed beyond words!
“HOPE which was LOST
was absolutely FOUND”!!


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