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Wait! Not that word!


waiting for the next word,

the next drop of ink that begins something new.

read here to get that storyPen

Sometimes The Word writes slowly

a flowing script,

a gentle steady pace,

and I see every upstroke, downstroke, and curve as it happens.

Looking  back I see how each letter blended together to make a beautiful word


Sometimes The Word stamps!

a complete word.


in one complete motion.

jarring.  vibrating.  splintering.

an unexpected sudden mountain

in the otherwise pleasantly smooth landscape.

And my heart cries

Wait! Not that word!

That word doesn’t fit my dreams and plans!

That word changes my daily routine!

I know that word, and

it brings unknown.

It’s happened beforeTake The Land

But I also know The Word

and I know His Word

and the promises that

His Ways are higher than mine

so I can trust Him with the next chapter

even when it doesn’t look like I want it to.

and I’m thankful He prepared me for itquiet time

But I have to say, peeps,
as poetic and heartwarming as those words sound,
I’m a master at flashing my pearly whites,
blinding you to the fact that
inside I feel like I’m watching dreams die.
This is one tough lesson in the discipline of obedience and faith for me!
I’m waiting for my heart to catch up to my head.


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Reflecting Ups & Downs

Over 300 journals (& counting) downloaded!! 

Hearing God's Voice COV

Sort of.

After I wrote “Reflecting” this morning, God’s giving me a chance to do it.

And I’m struggling!

I’m struggling to have an eternal perspective.
I’m struggling to have patience.
I’m struggling to trust.
I’m struggling to listen to the wisdom of people who have gone before me in an area where I have NO expertise. As in none. zero. zilch. nada.


We partnered with CurrClick a while back. One of the marketing tools Leah encouraged us to use is the promotional week, where a publisher (us) offers a freebie for a week. I get the premise, and she’s by far the expert! So we scheduled it. And it’s going like crazy today.



I see the number 300+ and think – that could be money in our pocket!!
And we NEED money in our pocket right now!
Oooohhhh. (see the struggle?!) Isn’t having money important?


we just read in school about the Great Depression and how some business men – wealthy business men – committed suicide because they lost their wealth. And we talked about how that meant their lives were built around money, not God. Don’t I want to model for the boys a life built on God, His truth, and His priorities? Don’t I want to model a life with an eternal, not a temporal, perspective?

BUT…most importantly….God says :

  • His Words are not just idle words for you—they are your life. Deuteronomy 32:47
  • It is written, Man doesn’t live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4, Deuteronomy 8:3
  • Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away. Matthew 24:35
  • His words are life to those who find them and health to one’s whole body. Proverbs 4:22
  • Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. Matthew 7:24-25

And, really, isn’t that what my goal is for the journals? The whole reason they came into being?
To help kids begin to love digging into God’s Word on their own,
knowing they can because the Holy Spirit is their teacher.
To help kids build a solid foundation on His Word, so they can be counter-culturally relevant.


So I practice changing my focus.
If 300+ people learn to study God’s Word together,
don’t I believe that could change the world?!
Isn’t that better than all the money in the world?!
oohh, but the here & now is so here & now – so real!
It’s a struggle, let me tell you!
But God wants me to trust Him to provide, not the journals.
He wants me to have an eternal perspective.
He wants me to reflect Him!


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1000 Gifts February

634 – Another amazing run downtown last Saturday. 12 miles along the intracoastal, across the bridge to the beach, along the beach, then back to the intracostal. Perfect weather, perfect scenery. If you gotta do 12, that’s definitely the way to do it! 🙂


635 – A Daddy talkin’ to his boy about the tough stuff in life

636 – Tim’s wisdom he can impart to the boys in those tough times

637 – This one, AGAIN!, is a discipline, just like #497. I am choosing to see these tough situations as blessings, and trying to help the boys see that as well. Because really these tough situations are opportunities for growth, and lessons learned early can help them live a life of no regrets.

638 – The “Why I Believe” Coop girls doing dishes and being gracious in the midst of chaotic life! You GOTTA read “5 Minutes on BARE” to hear the whole story. It’s worth it! 🙂

639 – A walk down memory lane, and a time of personal worship


639 – We had a water problem, but it was fixed quickly and cheaply!

640 – The village of Wellington water department was wonderful! They came out, cleaned up our meter box and replaced it. All without us even asking! It was a real shot in the arm to see government working without red tape.

641 – Nathan playing drums for middle school worship – with other middle school friends and both of his life group leaders! I had goosebumps! Thanks, Tammie, for the photo!

1 SM worship

642 – And then I looked over and saw Michael worshipping with abandon, and I had goosebumps for the 2nd time that night!

643 – That I can get something out of the middle school message!

644 – An unexpected free Chick-Fil-A sandwich! Always a blessing 🙂


645 -Youth leaders who encourage students to make a difference! Pastor Ryan took Nathan & a friend to breakfast where they talked about starting a prayer group at Wellington Landings each morning at 9am.

photo from our youth pastor, Pastor Ryan

photo from our youth pastor, Pastor Ryan

646 – That was just the push Nathan needed to get off square 1. Nathan had been thinking about starting a group, and had looked at some online resources. He just needed a little push & encouragement. Now, every day before school, at least 4 kids are praying at 9am!! This week it was 5 kids 🙂

647 – The 1st day of prayer group Nathan was in the office and met a teacher he doesn’t even have who encouraged him. Mr. Wilbur, the Spanish teacher, is a believer who felt the lack of prayer at Landings on a faculty level. 3 weeks prior to Nathan’s 1st prayer meeting, Mr. Wilbur had started a faculty prayer group! Mr. Wilbur said he’d be supporting Nathan in any way possible. Nathan was blown away.

648 – Birds singing in the morning. I love hearing the different birds, especially the mockingbirds!


MomE bdayhoney,mom

650 – A blog post that really encouraged me when I needed it! Thanks, Allans

651 – A Starbucks date with a coupon on Valentine’s day with The Best Man! The whipped cream was worth the burpee penalty Tim gave me!

652 – Seeing all 3 boys worship together


653 – This is PURE DISCIPLINE!! I really don’t get this one at all, to tell you the truth. Remember blessing #497? (You really have to read here for this to make sense.) Tim had an opportunity to participate in a professional development conference in South Africa, where he grew up as a missionary kid. We were both super excited, and really thought God was making a dream come true for us. We’ve always wanted to go there together, ever since we got engaged. Well, Tim didn’t get chosen for this conference. His text to me was, “God’s got something better.” Even though I know that in my head, my heart is still struggling to catch up, even with the truth of #653 staring me in the face!!

654 – I got a part time job!! It’s a double blessing because I’m tutoring my friend’s kids. She’s been struggling with health for the past few months and just needs to concentrate on getting completely well. I had texted her late last year to keep her ears open for any tutoring she might hear of, since she’s active in the homeschool world. She called me up a few weeks ago and asked if I would consider taking a few of her kids. I was blown away. If the 1st opportunity (you know, the one I thought was sooo perfect) had been a go, I would not have been available to help my friend. Only God! So why is it so hard for me to see that He has something better in regards to #652?!?! I told you it was discipline!! Can I choose another word for 2031??? 🙂

655 – An evening with Tim at Palm Beach Atlantic University for the Faculty Dance Recital. It was beautiful!

656 – A fabulous weekend running the Hope Race – the Disney Princess Half-Marathon

1 Race beginning

657 – David found the screws for the fan blade!

658 – We got a free mouthguard!! Thanks, Scotty’s Sport Shop!!

659 – Nathan’s tweet to me about the race, and about life in general. He said he’d been struggling at school some & God just spoke to him. See the tweets below.

1Nte race tweet

1NTE tweet

660 – Encouraging messages from friends

661 – Found a local Christian tree company who can take down the tree we need and they were cheaper than any other bid we got!!

662 – No rain for our half-marathon

1 Race fireworks

663 – In fact, it was overcast, which helped keep it relatively cool. Super humid, though!

664 – An amazing report of what God is doing at Hope House!

665 – The boys maturing a little bit in handling life situations

666 – Michael saying, “I’m all in” about an offering for the new Boynton Beach / Stuart campuses. He gave from his spending bank. Nathan said, “I’m saving for Belle Glade.” Michael said, “Well, God took care of you 2 years in a row and He’ll take care of me this year. And if He doesn’t, that’s ok anyway!” LOVE seeing that faith!! LOVE seeing Michael sensitive to God’s leading!

667 – David following Michael’s lead in giving for Boynton Beach out of his own money


668 – Another party in Heaven over another new believer!! Michael is taking the land seriously! 🙂

669 – Nathan scored the 1st goal of the 1st game of the soccer season!!

670 – Nathan scored the 1st & last goals of his next game, and I got to see it all before we had to leave for the marathon

671 – Being able to spend some time with special friends during the Hope Run weekend – and being able to share together the cause of raising awareness of human trafficking


672 – The Firehouse 7 graciously gave up their prime starting spots at the 1/2 marathon to stick with me, the slowpoke!

1 Firehouse 7


673 – An unexpected Starbucks gift certificate in my race goodie bag! The one from the Hope House gang, not in the official goodie bag. Just in case any of you were tempted to run the Princess for the Starbucks card! 🙂

674 – An unexpected delivery of Starbucks yesterday!! I almost didn’t get to participate in this blessing because I almost said, “No thanks” out of worry. Lesson learned! 🙂

675 – Extra money for my HEW habit! Thanks, Holly!! 🙂

676 – Jenny using her spiritual gifts of Helps at my house! Girl, you are welcome here anytime!! 🙂

677 – Leftover RosesDSC05670

678 – I got my funds for the Hope Run! And a little more besides!! 🙂 Praise God – and THANK YOU to those of you who supported the run in honor of the precious princesses rescued out of human trafficking!

679 – Unexpected leftover food coming our way! Yea for pre-cooked dinners!! 🙂

680 – The coolest thing to me about the Hope Run fundraising was this card sent to me from Guam. My friend, Marsha, whom I’ve never laid eyes on, sent money. But more precious to me was this card. Marsha could have sent thousands of dollars and it wouldn’t have meant as much as this card!


681 – I finished the half-marathon! 🙂 Felt pretty good, too, (for the most part) and was encouraged to see HEW pay off. 🙂 You can read the whole story here.

1 ME medal

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Many Words PS

I love it when I’ve already written a post and then God gives me just a little bit more to share!
Here’s the prequel.

1st – I read a post from my friend Vicki, that helped me get a little perspective. It’s worth the read!


2nd – Dr. John Maxwell spoke on Sunday. His topic was Laws of Growth for 2013. One of the first things he said was:

The Law of Consistency
“Motivation gets you going;

3rd – I read this in Jesus Today:

“Don’t be discouraged by how often you wander from Me.
You are endeavoring to form a new habit, and this takes time plus persistent effort.
The rewards, though, are well worth your efforts.”


Three things from the Triune God.
I’m encouraged!
How about you?


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Many Words for the One Word

Of course, in my world, one word is never sufficient!
(It would be fine in my brother’s world, but not mine!)


It was the first and only word that came to me when thinking about one word for the year. Not that I pondered long, studied hard, or thought deeply as some of you have! (feeling just a bit guilty here!) But I liked all the different nuances this word has for me, and I know I need to be more disciplined in…

  • my use of time (this is my major focus this year) I have to be the oddest combination of a structured- scheduled free-spirit that exists! My goal is to bring some of that free spirit under control to be more productive with time! This includes getting enough sleep, too. Not easy for this night owl!
  • how I discipline the boys
  • what I eat
  • exercise
  • my spiritual disciplines – consistency in reading, prayer, journaling

I have to admit – part of the reason I resonated with this word relates to the relative success I’ve had in the past month with eating and exercise. Pretty sneaky, huh?! Pick a word that I’m already successful with!

WELL… let me be honest.

Since I’ve put that out there for everyone in cyberspace, I have NOT been as successful with my discipline of what goes into my mouth. God has a way of humbling me! He’s reminding me that the success I had in late November & early December with HEW (Hard Exercise Works) really was about HIM, not ME!!! And HE’s the ONE, the only One, Who will help me with discipline this year.OneWord2013_Discipline

I’m thinking that this discipline thing is going to be more involved than I thought. In other words, I won’t be able to hit “cruise control” like I thought. It’s pervasive! Kinda like the word in the button – running into and over and around everything. (Thanks again, Melanie!)

But it’s also a great chance for me to listen for God’s voice
and respond in obedience. And that’s a discipline, too!


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One Word

You really think I can have a One Word Post??
Of course not!

It’s One Word for the whole year!
One Word that God impresses on you as a theme for the year.
Wanna know mine?


Thanks, Melanie, for the cool button that I could never make!

And since I’ve spent WAY too much time trying to figure out how to make the button part of my sidebar, and since part of my word “DISCIPLINE” relates to TIME, I’ll have to expand my word for you all later! 🙂

Happy 2013!!


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