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You’ve heard the Un Stinkin’ Believable! story, right?
If not, click here.
Seriously, you have to read it!

This post gives a little more background, a little more insight into my conversations with God, a little more insight into details that just make this story so very rich!!

Like I mentioned in part 1, I’ve never had such continual conversation with God. It took a few days to really process it. Truth be told, I think I still am! I was helped by a phone conversation with my friend, Michelle, as always. Here are some lessons I’m learning about how I perceive God and some of what He said to me:

  • Why won’t you ask for big?
  • You only ask for safe – what you know will be a yes answer.
  • Are you afraid I can’t handle it? You keep it small to keep it “easy” for Me.
  • You want to see Me do big things, but you won’t ask for big things from Me.
  • You don’t have because you don’t ask.
  • You know I don’t have to, so you don’t ask. Are you afraid I won’t?
  • You really don’t want to have to deal with the disappointment of a “no” or of My timing being different from yours. So you don’t ask, so you don’t have to deal with that. But in the “safe” you miss the adventure. You miss the BIG that I can be.
  • You’ve put Me in a box
  • If you ask anything in My Name, I will do it.


How many “monuments” do I miss out on having because I am afraid to ask??
We have one big one in the living room, daily staring us in the face now!
How many more could I have?

My biggest take-away: I have created a “safe” God. I don’t want to give Him anything tooo difficult. Well, not difficult, but I just tend to stay in the safe zone. I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that if I pray His promise He will answer with a yes. He promises to meet our needs. That’s not tough for me. I’ve got faith for that. It’s the “extras” – the flat screens – I have trouble with. Because those aren’t guaranteed. So I’m scared to ask. And, truth be told, I’m not sure I deserve the extras. But my fear also robs me of the amazement I can have when God does something amazing! I don’t have because I don’t ask. I don’t see beyond, because I don’t ask beyond. I caught myself again going the “safe” route today as I was praying. Started asking for big, then went small, just to make sure it wasn’t toooo hard! Silly ME!

I struggled with this same concept when we were trying to get pregnant. Tim’s Mom was always so encouraging, so certain we’d have kids. When I was walking through that valley, all I could think of was, “There’s no verse that promises ‘thou shalt have kids’.” True. But God does promise to give us the desires of our heart if we are delighting in Him.

To make the Un-Stinkin’ Believable story even more rich, you have to know that my friend
actually won this TV at her husband’s company Christmas party.
Through a long series of circumstances she still had it.
God had put us on her heart, so when she couldn’t take it back she brought it over.
She said she actually was hoping they wouldn’t take it so that she could bring it over.

Come to find out, Nathan had been praying for a flat screen! Who knew?! And Tim resisted the urge to get one awhile ago, because it wasn’t a priority in the budget, so God rewarded Tim’s discipline!


How precious!! I love being able to share the stories on both sides and see God’s hand weaving such a beautiful tapestry. Had she come in December it still would have been amazing, but not as specific a message to our family. Not such a demonstration of God’s hand at work – in both families!!

Here’s what I wrote in my journal: God, I don’t want to put You in a box. I know You will provide for our needs, so I ask that. I don’t know how You will, I just trust that You will answer these specific requests. And I will praise You and trust You even if you say NO to some of the big requests that aren’t just needs. I continue to ask for eyes to see Your provision. I continue to ask for exceedingly abundantly above all I could ask or think – for YOUR glory and praise!!

PS – today I found a penny, a dime, and a quarter. 🙂
Look out world, I’m prayin’ BIG!!



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Many Words PS

I love it when I’ve already written a post and then God gives me just a little bit more to share!
Here’s the prequel.

1st – I read a post from my friend Vicki, that helped me get a little perspective. It’s worth the read!


2nd – Dr. John Maxwell spoke on Sunday. His topic was Laws of Growth for 2013. One of the first things he said was:

The Law of Consistency
“Motivation gets you going;

3rd – I read this in Jesus Today:

“Don’t be discouraged by how often you wander from Me.
You are endeavoring to form a new habit, and this takes time plus persistent effort.
The rewards, though, are well worth your efforts.”


Three things from the Triune God.
I’m encouraged!
How about you?


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I had a “Balam & the talking donkey” experience this week.

Couldn’t go another step.

Smacked right up against that “wall” & fell Flat on my face.


Through that experience (yes it involved one of my offspring) God kept yanking me away from myself. I got to the point where I could do nothing else but cry out to Him. And I sure did. You should have heard that prayer – maybe you did because I was praying out loud and loud at that!

And God helped me start to make some changes. Not in boys. Nope. In me. (haven’t I been here before?!?)

The next day I started my crying out to Him before my feet ever hit the floor. Not the normal “bless my day”, “Good morning Lord”, happy kind of conversational prayer. The warfare prayer. (just not as loud as the day before! :-))

Here’s what I’m realizing & remembering.

  • I need to keep up my intensity even if things “look good”. I can’t let down my guard.
  • God is the one who can change hearts. I can do everything by the book, but He is the one who makes the change
  • So I need to communicate with Him & depend on Him (haven’t I been here before, too?!?)
  • Spiritual lessons aren’t easy, but they are good!
  • Keeping a record of blessings is important. And it’s important for the boys to do that.
  • There is no immunity from spiritual warfare.
  • I wasn’t prepared for the “fight” of being a parent! I wasn’t prepared to fight for my kids. Oh sure, against the culture and stuff, but not the spiritual warfare fight.
  • BUT I’m thankful for the reminder that the fight isn’t against them. It’s against the principalities & powers of darkness in this world.
  • Our physical fitness plays a part in our spiritual fitness. For me & my family that’s most profoundly seen when we don’t get enough rest.

So how’s the rest of the week been? Better. Not perfect, but better. We’re keeping documentation so we can use it to focus on the positive. One of our writing lessons this week will be to list blessings. 🙂

And… I’m going to stop writing because it’s getting late (even though I’m a night owl), and I don’t do any better than the boys when I’m tired. But I’m thankful for the chance to sit down and process through my week – for the little bit of quiet tonight. Thanks for listening.


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