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1000 Gifts January

These 1000 Gifts posts are NOT a record of daily life.
They are an exercise in the discipline of Philippians 4:4 – Rejoice always
and 1 Thessalonians 5:17 – Give thanks in all things.

  • I do NOT post the multitude of times I threaten to enroll the boys in school THAT VERY DAY!!
  • I do NOT post the multitude of times I loose my cool with them when they’ve been giggle-y & silly just a little toooo much for me, (the no-nonsense gal!)
  • or when they’ve been at each other’s throats all day.
  • I do tend to be a “Glass Half Full” kinda gal, but I’m not perfect, and life isn’t always peachy!
  • If you don’t believe me read this!!
  • I just wanted to have all the blessings in a relatively easy place to find, instead of randomly placed at the end of some blog post.

OK. That being said, on to the blessings! 🙂

553 – Starting 2013 off by having communion together as a family

554 – Praying prayers of blessing for each member of the family. It was so special to hear the boys pray for each other!

555 – Inspiring others to enter blog-land

556 – So far, the boys are behaving well despite staying up to see the New Year in! 🙂 At first, I thought “I might have to remove this blessing.” But God reminded me that it is a blessing. Period! Even if the rest of the day goes South, I can remember that the first part was ok & be thankful for that!

557 – New Year’s Day attitudes stayed positive overall!

558 – Friends coming over for dinner

559 – all the dorky “this is the last time you will eat dinner this year” jokes

560 – all the corny “you’ve never eaten lunch all year” jokes

561 – being able to help a neighbor, and the boys encouraging one of the grandkids when he hurt himself

562 – The boys having such a great role model in Tim


563 – The 1st run of the New Year! It was relatively cool enough that we could go later & not die of heat

564 – HEW: Hard Exercise Works. Love their philosophy, appreciate the information I got during my 5 weeks, loved the results in lost pounds and inches, & looking forward to using my gift certificate after the Disney 1/2 marathon in Feb!!

565 – 6 miles with the Firehouse 7! 🙂

566 – that the empty glass jelly jar fell into the dishwasher instead of breaking on the floor!

567 – during the Christmas Eve services one of the drying racks fell to the floor. All we lost was a glass vase, NOT the glass serving plates we were really needed!

568 – Playing Kick The Can with the fam

569 – Movie Marathon with Nathan & Michael

570 – Brothers encouraging each other in their spiritual walks


571 – Nathan pushing through a tough day

572 – Michael expressing his gratitude & contentment for how we do things as a family, especially having them earn money to spend on things instead of just giving them those things

573 – Great discussions around the dinner table during devotions

574 – Clear direction about whether to go to a meeting or stay home

575 – This is another one of those “I’m choosing to be thankful” ones (see #497): battling through issues with the boys. At least we saw a little bit of results, which is encouragement to stay the course and be consistent!

576 – God’s Word working. David read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, then spent the next 5 minutes walking around thanking God for everything he could see. The result: #577!!

577 – A stellar day for David

David stellar

578 – a friend who texted me to encourage me in my One Word (thanks, Erin!)

579 – Brothers sticking up for each other

580 – $2.95 check in the mail 🙂


581 – Then Tim making a joke about how that (#580) was the first part of my HEW savings. It’s the only part!

582 – teaching the boys to play racquetball, and having them like it!

583 – everyone working together to make dinner. Each person had a prep job and we all did them together. It was fun!

584 – Seeing the Adams on the spur of the moment, and Morrills. Seeing the Morrills was a special treat since we haven’t seen them in forever!

585 – seeing maturity in Nathan

586 – a free airsoft game!

587 – seeing the body of Christ work together to rally around friends

588 – seeing God work in people’s lives

589 – perfect devotionals. Some I read and some are sent to me. (Thanks again, Erin!)

590 – Student ministries pastors who encourage the boys to build their spiritual (and physical) muscles

591 – a super fun Family Fun DAY at Boomer’s


592 – brothers praying together!!

593 – Nathan found $20.00 on the sidewalk when he rode his bike home!

594 – Nathan got to answer questions about the 10 commandments in Language Arts today!! The teacher asked what the reference was to a bearded man coming down the mountain with 2 stone slabs. Nathan raised his hand & kept answering questions: • What was that? 10 Commandments  •Who received them?  Moses   •Where? Mt. Sinai   •Who were they for? Israelites  • What were they made of? Stone  •How many tablets? 2

595 – AND…Nathan was more excited about that than he was about finding the money on the sidewalk!! 🙂

596 – a great “Why I Believe” class

597 – 1st day back at HEW!!!!

598 – AND…I found out since I’m taking a class to renew my certification, I get a student discount at HEW!!!! YEA!! Now I have 6 weeks instead of 4! WOOHOO!!! 🙂

599 – That God caused me to look back as I was leaving today so I saw my bag that I needed to take for testing today! Fewf!!

600 – Erin took Michael and David while I went to HEW yesterday! They got to swim with Evan.

601 – Tim & the boys having fun together


602 – When what you have to say “no” to is too many church activities for you middle schooler!! Hallelujah

603 – The boys dogpiled on each other, laughing & goofing around


604 – Having the windows open

605 – The cool air that keeps the AC off! Yea!

606 – A beautiful, absolutely perfect morning to run the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure with Kerri. I was honored to share her day, where she runs in memory of her dear friend, and this year in support of another friend fighting breast cancer. I’m thankful to have Kerri as my friend.

607 – Adding 6 miles to the Race by running down Worth Ave. on Palm Beach, then up the beach, and down the intracoastal. Gorgeous!! Wish I’d had a camera.

608 – A Starbuck’s Gift Card from my Man! As a thank you for helping him with a project – an application for a professional development opportunity. Which I hope & pray will be in the February 1000 Gifts!! Stay tuned….


609 – Kerri found 2 pennies on the ground for me 🙂

610 – A family bike ride to Tiger Shark Park for tag & soccer

611 – A wonderful chat with my friend Michelle, who always encourages me! I’m thankful that miles don’t dim the friendship!!

612 – Raining pretty good as we were driving to our errands. But the rain stopped right as we needed to get out and go in the store! 🙂

613 – A beautiful full moon tonight!

614 – Four Square: Yes. in the house. All boys!


615 – Nerf battle: Parents vs. boys!DSC05641

616 – Boys coming to apologize. Love seeing tender hearts!!

617 – A bike fixed for free!!

618 – Michael CRACKING us all up! Tim was on a “pun run” at dinner. Michael looked at him & said, “Self control, Dad, self control.”

619 – Michael’s creativity


620 – Running 3.1 miles at an average 9.38/minute mile pace!! Yippee!!

621 – Finding running shoes on sale!

622 – Happy Birthday to the best grandmother in the world!! 98 and going strong!!


623 – Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world!! I’m blessed with such a great role model!

624 – Lisa helping me to see the favor of God through my mom. Thanks, girl! 🙂

Lisa Tweet

625 – Seeing “Jesus Is Lord” etched in the sidewalk on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach as we were running.

626 – Being able to get up 2 knots on the rope climb at HEW. Next, conquering my fear of heights to get to that next knot!!

627 – Seeing how the middle school messages and the Sunday morning messages are dovetailing together for the students.

628 – David & Tim had Art Wednesday one night and I got beautiful pictures as a result! 🙂


629 – “Michael-ism” #1: I was encouraging him to put down his iPod so he wouldn’t be tempted to play, so I said, “What did Joseph do when he was tempted?” Michael: “He ran away and got in trouble. So why should I run away and get in trouble too?”!!! only Michael. At least he was listening during the message yesterday! 🙂

630 – “Michael-ism” #2: we were talking about spiritual gifts. David was excited to know he had one, just wondered what it was. I said, “God will show you what your gifts are.” Michael: “Wouldn’t it be a lot easier just to take the test??”

631 – Speaking of spiritual gifts…it’s so gratifying to see Michael using his!

632 – God’s Favor!

Hope Run

633 – I am almost to my goal for the HOPE RUN!
Check it out by reading here.




Can’t wait to post results in the February 1000 gifts! 🙂

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5 Minutes on DIVE

It’s 5 Minute Friday. Write for 5 minutes on one topic. Go.


Well, really more like STEP – as in step out of the boat
or it could be DIVE in there and dig up that buried talent.

Yes, I said buried talent – as in the guy Jesus talked about who dug a hole and put his talent in it
because he was afraid.

That was me these past few weeks.

I have a treasure and I’ve wanted to hang on to that treasure. Because to use it means the certainty of it goes away. Yes, it would be helpful to me and enjoyable to me. But when it’s gone, it’s gone and I have no guarantee I can continue.

I’m talking about my precious gift certificate for 4 more weeks of HEW. (You can read the whole story here.)

God convicted me that I was operating in fear by not using that.
So next week I start back.
It’s a DIVE – A step out of the boat, like Peter.
And just like a kid on the high dive, I’m a little apprehensive!

Do I have any opportunities for income on the horizon? No.
Might this be my last 4 weeks at HEW? Yes
Does God want me to step out and enjoy them without worry or fear? Yes
So I will.

I’m DIVING into this treasure. And I’m DIVING into exploring income-generating opportunities for me. Since my 1st priority is homeschooling the boys, it has to be just the right opportunity.

Mostly, I’m DIVING into a deeper dependence on God. (more on that in a later post!)

Time’s up.


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Many Words for the One Word

Of course, in my world, one word is never sufficient!
(It would be fine in my brother’s world, but not mine!)


It was the first and only word that came to me when thinking about one word for the year. Not that I pondered long, studied hard, or thought deeply as some of you have! (feeling just a bit guilty here!) But I liked all the different nuances this word has for me, and I know I need to be more disciplined in…

  • my use of time (this is my major focus this year) I have to be the oddest combination of a structured- scheduled free-spirit that exists! My goal is to bring some of that free spirit under control to be more productive with time! This includes getting enough sleep, too. Not easy for this night owl!
  • how I discipline the boys
  • what I eat
  • exercise
  • my spiritual disciplines – consistency in reading, prayer, journaling

I have to admit – part of the reason I resonated with this word relates to the relative success I’ve had in the past month with eating and exercise. Pretty sneaky, huh?! Pick a word that I’m already successful with!

WELL… let me be honest.

Since I’ve put that out there for everyone in cyberspace, I have NOT been as successful with my discipline of what goes into my mouth. God has a way of humbling me! He’s reminding me that the success I had in late November & early December with HEW (Hard Exercise Works) really was about HIM, not ME!!! And HE’s the ONE, the only One, Who will help me with discipline this year.OneWord2013_Discipline

I’m thinking that this discipline thing is going to be more involved than I thought. In other words, I won’t be able to hit “cruise control” like I thought. It’s pervasive! Kinda like the word in the button – running into and over and around everything. (Thanks again, Melanie!)

But it’s also a great chance for me to listen for God’s voice
and respond in obedience. And that’s a discipline, too!


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Beautiful Saturday morning – and not just the cool weather. I was looking forward to breakfast with the Firehouse 7 (my runnin’ buddies), and wasn’t disappointed with the food or the conversation. It sure is easier to chat around a breakfast table than when you’re running 5 miles!


Then came the gifts. Honestly, words fail. The Firehouse 7 had me in tears, which is no small feat.

Here’s the back story.
I had been participating in an exercise program called HEW (Hard Exercise Works)

because I had a coupon for 5 weeks. I actually enjoyed it (as much as I can enjoy exercise!), and saw 
results in lost weight and inches. But I knew going in that I could only do those 5 weeks due to cost.  I was a little bummed to be finished, but pleased with my results. I planned to keep working on my own.

Earlier this week I got an email about a possible tutoring opportunity.
You know those kind that just scream your name?
The “this is a No-Brainer!” kind?
Yeah, this was that kind of opportunity.
I talked with the lady
 and made arrangements to meet her and her child at a park.
Tim saw no red flags, which is
 always a great sign!
A direct answer to prayer, I thought! I had been praying about a part-time job.
This was perfect!

And I started counting chickens before they hatched. In fact, mine were flying everywhere!
My 1st thought was, “YEA! I’ll get to do  HEW again!”…and I had other dreams.
After meeting the lady, I went to church to
 help a friend.
When I got home Tim told me, “I’ve got some bad news.
The lady emailed to say the tutoring
 wasn’t going to work out.”
Crushed, disappointed, bummed, sad – all of the above.

I really struggled to see positives in this, to be honest.
I did find a few, but overall I was
 super disappointed.
Really. Really. Disappointed.
As I talked with Tim and shared with Kerri both said, “God
 has something better.”
Which I knew in my head, but was really having a hard time with.

Until this morning.


The Firehouse 7 girls got together to give me a month at HEW! Like I said, it brought me to tears! Not only to see God’s blessing of more HEW, but to realize the blessing of their friendship. Because HEW conflicts with running schedules. That’s the beauty of their gift – totally unselfish, totally demonstrating their friendship. Friends who know me well enough to know how I’d appreciate that gift. Friends who bless me beyond words! Really, all these words don’t do today justice.

The gift is amazing.
The friends behind the gift are beyond amazing!


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