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Pass It On

Pass It On –
remember that game?
God’s been reminding me that it’s so much more than a game!
Here’s how.

I was featured at HHM
1st – I read my own post (doesn’t that seem self-serving!!) But I marvel at God’s timing – how I hadn’t sent the post in at first because He wanted to show me something more, and then reading it several months later just when I needed that encouragement to stay the course! He reminded me of the importance of Passing It On to my kids.

2nd – I found a friend’s post that’s got a lot of these same ideas in it, especially the importance of Passing It On to our kids! You can read it here. 

3rd – Today’s message in the Live To Give series. Pastor Robert Morris from Gateway Church was speaking from Exodus 13 on the principle of first. The practice was to take the firstborn of the clean animals and sacrifice to God. The clean redeemed the unclean. What struck me was Exodus 13:14

“In days to come, when your son asks you, ‘What does this mean?’
say to him, ‘With a mighty hand the Lord brought us out of Egypt,
out of the land of slavery.”

The son was to ask, and the parent was to impart the spiritual tradition and lesson of the practice. The parent was to Pass It On. My takeaway?

  • I need to be living a consistent life, a consistent example for my boys. There should be some things in my life that are different from the world’s way of living, so that the boys are curious and ask, “Why?” We should have some spiritual practices in our family that cause the kids to wonder, to ask questions.
  • I need to wait for them to ASK, not simply go around telling all the time. When they ask, their hearts are prepared for the answer and the lessons. How often have I just spouted off, not paying attention to where the boys’ hearts are, and if they’re even receptive to what God has to say. Sometimes they do just need to listen; they do just need to be told. But I’m afraid I too often give info and principles regardless of whether they’re really looking for them or not. (and I end up sounding like the Charlie Brown teacher!! :-))

3 things this week.
And 3 is a pretty neat number in the Bible! 🙂
Are you encouraged? motivated?
Pass It On!

(especially to your kids!)


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CHANGE in 5 minutes

God did it.


Had me ready for the 5 minute Friday topic…

CHANGE of running time this morning

Sharing with the girls that I wasn’t sure it would work.


The less than stellar beginning of our home school year.

Yep. Reality Check

(funny, God was convicting me I needed to post about this side of life anyway,
lest any of you think things here are always peachy!! 🙂
and funny that the home school front has been the battle ground!
Landings has been easy far. Nathan’s had some battles, just not on that front.))

Lost my buffer when life CHANGED & my oldest enrolled at Landings

Left with my 2 sparks – who are all in!
Either all in giggly and silly with each other (which frustrates their No Nonsense Mama to no end!)
OR all in – fighting like cats and dogs.
Not a lot of middle ground with my 2 youngest.

Sooo… I was sharing with the girls how things weren’t going as smoothly as I would like.
Lots of pulling teeth to focus and finish (yep, that’s my mantra lately!)

What a CHANGE when I came home! Both David & Michael were busy with their work and had been!

My question to Tim – “What on earth did you tell them this morning? I want to use it daily!”

His response: “We wrestled in bed for a little this morning.”

hmmm. Maybe need to CHANGE the morning routine?? 🙂

In reality, though, as I processed the day I realized CHANGE is needed


God convicted me today that my attitude hasn’t been right.

There’s land to take right here! In my home!

Attitudes and habits that need to CHANGE to be in line with God’s.

And that CHANGE starts with me, so battles can be won in God’s strength.


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