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Uncle Sam
2 days shy of 92 years old
Soccer player
Italian connoisseur
Husband of 71 years

He went into ICU a few weeks ago with lung complications.
He got better and went to rehab.
We visited him last week.
He was still the jokester…
just a little slower

Uncle Sam & boys

Had to go back into ICU a few days ago.
Aunt Dee & I talked yesterday
praying for wisdom –
should she go home or stay at the hospital…
praying for healing
“God we know You can ultimately heal Uncle Sam.
We pray that You will heal him,
that he’d be able to skip the rehab and go right home”

And God said yes.

Just not the home we were expecting.
And the reality of eternity
and God’s perspective of what’s real
are just a little clearer today
even through the tears.


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Pass It On

Pass It On –
remember that game?
God’s been reminding me that it’s so much more than a game!
Here’s how.

I was featured at HHM
1st – I read my own post (doesn’t that seem self-serving!!) But I marvel at God’s timing – how I hadn’t sent the post in at first because He wanted to show me something more, and then reading it several months later just when I needed that encouragement to stay the course! He reminded me of the importance of Passing It On to my kids.

2nd – I found a friend’s post that’s got a lot of these same ideas in it, especially the importance of Passing It On to our kids! You can read it here. 

3rd – Today’s message in the Live To Give series. Pastor Robert Morris from Gateway Church was speaking from Exodus 13 on the principle of first. The practice was to take the firstborn of the clean animals and sacrifice to God. The clean redeemed the unclean. What struck me was Exodus 13:14

“In days to come, when your son asks you, ‘What does this mean?’
say to him, ‘With a mighty hand the Lord brought us out of Egypt,
out of the land of slavery.”

The son was to ask, and the parent was to impart the spiritual tradition and lesson of the practice. The parent was to Pass It On. My takeaway?

  • I need to be living a consistent life, a consistent example for my boys. There should be some things in my life that are different from the world’s way of living, so that the boys are curious and ask, “Why?” We should have some spiritual practices in our family that cause the kids to wonder, to ask questions.
  • I need to wait for them to ASK, not simply go around telling all the time. When they ask, their hearts are prepared for the answer and the lessons. How often have I just spouted off, not paying attention to where the boys’ hearts are, and if they’re even receptive to what God has to say. Sometimes they do just need to listen; they do just need to be told. But I’m afraid I too often give info and principles regardless of whether they’re really looking for them or not. (and I end up sounding like the Charlie Brown teacher!! :-))

3 things this week.
And 3 is a pretty neat number in the Bible! 🙂
Are you encouraged? motivated?
Pass It On!

(especially to your kids!)


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Lean On Me

Lean on Me

When you’re not strong…

I’ll help you carry on

I’m so amazed that every time Nathan plays drums God gives him a lesson in dependence.
Every. Single. Time.

Last weekend Nathan played. But he almost backed out. Circumstances were less than ideal, especially for my one who likes to know ahead of time what’s going on and likes to be prepared. So here are all the obstacles Nathan faced this past weekend:

  • First week of being a public school student – time taken up with school
  • Getting adjusted to the schedule & lots of late nights meant Nathan was pretty exhausted
  • Because he’s in school during the day, he’s lost a lot of his practice time. We don’t let him wail on the drums too late in the evening…we want our neighbors to like us! 🙂
  • He didn’t get the songs they were playing until Thursday afternoon after school
  • He didn’t know any of the songs!
  • His drum teacher couldn’t help out because he’s busy on the weekends with his band

Nathan hit the wall Thursday afternoon. His response was, “I can’t do it!” and beyond. But in the stress, God gave Nathan a chance to learn some neat lessons.

  • I told Nathan that if God calls, He enables
  • Nathan learned that God provides, too. I let him know that he probably wouldn’t get to meet with his drum teacher, but God would provide someone to help him. Within minutes – LITERAL MINUTES! – one of the high school drum players texted Nathan about getting together & helping him with the songs.
  • Pastor Ryan really encouraged Nathan to be all in. Ryan talked Nathan off the ledge and over his first hurdle in his 8th grade year!
  • Pastor Ryan also made some adjustments to the songs so Nathan wouldn’t have to learn 3 songs

Nathan did play, as you know.
And it was a blessing to my friend
to see the middle school kids leading in worship,
knowing kids in middle school are willing to publicly proclaim what they believe.
It was a blessing to some of the student ministry partners,
knowing they were watching the future worship leaders of the church.
It wasn’t perfect, but it was good.

And Nathan learned, again, to Lean on his Faithful God!


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Expectation – to see correctly

Another 5 Minute Friday topic

that God had me ready for.

When I made my favorite meal

I certainly didn’t expect this!

As I heard it fall I said


But, because God had me ready,

I expected to see this His way.

I expected Him to show me something.

And He did.

He showed me that theme of the week, seeing,

had me ready for this mess.

Nothing profound.

Nothing super-spiritual in a mess of homemade spaghetti sauce.

Just Him helping me clean up with a different perspective.

When my expectation is in Him

He always delivers!



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See? I told you in 5 minutes

5 minute Fridays is another challenge for me.
But God had me ready for this one today!

OK, are you ready? Please give me your best five minutes on:


go –

stumbling around in the dark at 2am

what can I see?

not much,

and definitely not clearly!

Settling one boy down and going back to bed, I barely fall asleep before

he’s at my bedside again.

This time I’m seeing red – or at least getting there.

No, I won’t sleep on the couch. I’m getting up to run early in the morning.

Yes, you have to get sleep. You’ll be a gripey bear in the morning.

At this rate so will I!

Finally, into brothers’ room he goes.

As I drag myself back to my bed, I’m not as tired as I was – of course.

I realized I need to see this circumstance from God’s perspective.

So what does God want me to see in this circumstance?

• A chance to realize He is in control.

I can’t control the sleep of my boys. God does that.

He allowed this, so there’s good in it somewhere, I just have to see it.

• A chance to pray for my boy & myself

–  that God would give him power, love, and sound mind instead of fear

–  that God would show Himself strong in the morning and throughout the day as I depend on Him for my strength, not my sleep

–  that God would show Himself strong to David as he also depends on God

…And then the topic of 5 minute Friday was SEE

and God said, “SEE, I don’t waste experiences.”


My goal is to see with HIS EYES!

– stop

PS – it was raining this morning, so I didn’t have to get up early and run! 🙂


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perspective in 5 minutes

My perspective needs to change.

Maybe it’s in the process since God keeps bringing the “little” theme to me.

Today it was reading John 4:34-38. Verse 37 jumped out at me

“For in this the saying is true: “One sows and another reaps.'”

God whispered a question,

“Are you willing to be the planter?”

the one who drops a seed into the dirt

and doesn’t see anything happen?

NO! NO! I want to say. I want to be the harvester! Those fields are white, right?

Don’t you need me to do that job? I love seeing results!

But, if I’m not willing to do the job God laid out for me because I want to see results

is my identity wrapped up in what I see instead of Him?

yes it is. ugh.

So my perspective needs to be – focus on my amazing GOD and be content in Him,

no matter what He calls me to do (even if it seems little)

because, ultimately, the sower and reaper rejoice together!

It’s a slow process for this chick!

5 minute Friday topic is Perspective:


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