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Daily Life Guest Post

As we blog through The ABC’s of Homeschooling,

I got the letter D.

D for Daily Life

but I should have signed up for B

…as in B for Battle!

Daily Life here isn’t always pretty, peeps!

BUT, God is always working and I’m so thankful!

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JoyFilled Guest Post

 My Joy-Filled Life


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I had a “Balam & the talking donkey” experience this week.

Couldn’t go another step.

Smacked right up against that “wall” & fell Flat on my face.


Through that experience (yes it involved one of my offspring) God kept yanking me away from myself. I got to the point where I could do nothing else but cry out to Him. And I sure did. You should have heard that prayer – maybe you did because I was praying out loud and loud at that!

And God helped me start to make some changes. Not in boys. Nope. In me. (haven’t I been here before?!?)

The next day I started my crying out to Him before my feet ever hit the floor. Not the normal “bless my day”, “Good morning Lord”, happy kind of conversational prayer. The warfare prayer. (just not as loud as the day before! :-))

Here’s what I’m realizing & remembering.

  • I need to keep up my intensity even if things “look good”. I can’t let down my guard.
  • God is the one who can change hearts. I can do everything by the book, but He is the one who makes the change
  • So I need to communicate with Him & depend on Him (haven’t I been here before, too?!?)
  • Spiritual lessons aren’t easy, but they are good!
  • Keeping a record of blessings is important. And it’s important for the boys to do that.
  • There is no immunity from spiritual warfare.
  • I wasn’t prepared for the “fight” of being a parent! I wasn’t prepared to fight for my kids. Oh sure, against the culture and stuff, but not the spiritual warfare fight.
  • BUT I’m thankful for the reminder that the fight isn’t against them. It’s against the principalities & powers of darkness in this world.
  • Our physical fitness plays a part in our spiritual fitness. For me & my family that’s most profoundly seen when we don’t get enough rest.

So how’s the rest of the week been? Better. Not perfect, but better. We’re keeping documentation so we can use it to focus on the positive. One of our writing lessons this week will be to list blessings. 🙂

And… I’m going to stop writing because it’s getting late (even though I’m a night owl), and I don’t do any better than the boys when I’m tired. But I’m thankful for the chance to sit down and process through my week – for the little bit of quiet tonight. Thanks for listening.


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