I was gonna title this
Dreams Dashed
Broken Dreams

until I got an email from my Soli Deo Gloria group leader, Jean.
The SDG captain, Jen, has been encouraging us to TRUST for a while.
My leader, Jean, just let us know that a new theme is coming: “Release, Renew, Refresh”

That’s it.
(and a much nicer way to say it, I might add! Thanks, Jen!)

I have a new appreciation for Joseph.
A dreamer.
With lofty dreams.
Big dreams he believed in,
and believed they came from God.

Did he wonder about his dreams
in the pit,
in Potiphar’s house,
and in the prision ?
Did he think his dreams had been dashed?
Did he think his dreams were broken? dead?

teachingThat’s where I’ve been the past two weeks.
Which is really ridiculous, considering that I’m not in any kind of pit or prison.
Actually, what’s happened in our lives is a good thing overall.
Just a big change, and one that I didn’t expect.


Three weeks ago God turned my plans upside down. I’ve been a stay at home, homeschooling mom for the past 14 years after leaving the classroom when our oldest was born. The plan was to continue homeschooling this year. Until I got a call to interview on a Wednesday for a 4th grade teaching position that started on Monday – in 4 days! Not what I wanted, not what I planned, but what God said do. (And He didn’t give me ANY time to think it over because He knows me too well & He knows better! :-))

1st day jitters

Our adjustment these past few weeks has been a good one. So what’s the struggle? What’s the connection to Joseph? Well, I feel like all my dreams just died. I certainly don’t see how any of the dreams or plans I had is going to work out now.

Today in worship, I thought about those dreams,
and how I need to throw them at the foot of the cross,
whether they’re whole or in pieces.
I know God’s plans are best.
And I know He’s in the business of rebuilding better than I could.

I just have to be like Joseph and trust,
in those times when the dreams look dark and dead,
that God is working all things for my good.

I’m glad Jen had a nice title for this post –
one that gives me a different perspective!


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Amazing Giveaway!

This is another exciting adventure for me!

If you read A First, you know that I just participated in my first ever Launch Team for Philosophy Adventure. It’s a great curriculum that uses ancient philosophers to teach thinking skills, Biblical worldview, writing, and speaking. This has been such a great experience for me, mainly because I “met” some neat people online in this Launch Team.

In their own words, “Philosophy Adventure™ is designed to help students 6th-12th grade cultivate and defend a biblical worldview by teaching them how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately as they explore the history of ideas.” In my own words, I think they do just that. Although I haven’t been able to actually use this with my boys yet, I love the flexibility, ease of use, and mostly, the thinking the kids are encouraged to do. Philosophy Adventure helps our kids learn to discern, which, in my opinion, is one of the most critical skills they will need to be counter-cultural!

DO YOU NEED to teach advanced writing and speaking skills?

DO YOU WANT your students equipped to discern truth as ungodly messages bombard them?

DO YOU WONDER how to cover all they need academically as well as practically?

Philosophy Adventure may be your solution!

Below is a link for an amazing giveaway, with lots of chances to win Philosophy Adventure. I encourage you to enter. You’ll be glad you did!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Prepared Not To Miss

I’m not waiting anymore.

I got a word

got direction

just not what I was expecting

and God had me

Prepared Not To Miss

AMazingA few Saturdays ago I attended the Amazing Women’s conference. Our pastor’s wife, Julie Mullins, spoke first about how God is writing His story in each of us. You can hear all of it – it’s worth it! What she said that struck me and has resonated with me strongly in the last few weeks is this:

Don’t miss your story.

She shared about their struggles to start a family and how eventually friends around her were having kids, changing diapers, and having playdates. As Julie went to appointments, she kept thinking about her friends going to the park and said, “I want to be going there!” She said one day, as she continued to look at what God was doing in other people, He gently told her not to miss what He was doing in her life, in her story.

quiet time copyI can relate
– to her struggle in having a family,
– to looking at other people and
wanting what God is doing in their lives
to not appreciating what God is doing in my life
because it doesn’t look like I thought it would
or like I want it to.
Teacher – sure, to 3 boys –
NOT to 20+ students again.
Teaching – sure, as always, at home with my boys –
NOT in the classroom again!

Carol Amazing

picture by Carol Gonzales from Amazing

Because of the Amazing weekend
God had me
Prepared Not To Miss
the story He will write in the next chapter of my life,
even though it looks nothing like I thought it would or want it to.
And my heart is starting to catch up to my head! 🙂


Here’s the rest of the Amazing conference. It really is worth it to watch!


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Wait! Not that word!


waiting for the next word,

the next drop of ink that begins something new.

read here to get that storyPen

Sometimes The Word writes slowly

a flowing script,

a gentle steady pace,

and I see every upstroke, downstroke, and curve as it happens.

Looking  back I see how each letter blended together to make a beautiful word


Sometimes The Word stamps!

a complete word.


in one complete motion.

jarring.  vibrating.  splintering.

an unexpected sudden mountain

in the otherwise pleasantly smooth landscape.

And my heart cries

Wait! Not that word!

That word doesn’t fit my dreams and plans!

That word changes my daily routine!

I know that word, and

it brings unknown.

It’s happened beforeTake The Land

But I also know The Word

and I know His Word

and the promises that

His Ways are higher than mine

so I can trust Him with the next chapter

even when it doesn’t look like I want it to.

and I’m thankful He prepared me for itquiet time

But I have to say, peeps,
as poetic and heartwarming as those words sound,
I’m a master at flashing my pearly whites,
blinding you to the fact that
inside I feel like I’m watching dreams die.
This is one tough lesson in the discipline of obedience and faith for me!
I’m waiting for my heart to catch up to my head.


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Life on The Rock

Over a week ago I wrote Perspective

Uncle Sam & boysI have so appreciated watching Tim shepherd Aunt Dee through these hard days!

She is amazing! – a true pillar of strength
a living example of building a life on the Solid Rock
so when the storm of life hit her,
and she lost her best friend and husband of 71 years,
she was not  – and IS NOT –  shaken.
Mt 7:24-27

Today, Monday, she boarded a plane for Philadelphia and the funeral service.
And that’s an answer to prayer.
Because Saturday she was in the hospital getting a blood transfusion.

Aunt Dee airport

But God not only answered her prayer about getting to go to the funeral.

  • Before she left this morning she was able to connect with an international couple she and Uncle Sam had befriended years ago, which lifted her spirits. She was able to share Jesus with them once again.
  • On the way to the airport she shared Jesus with the driver from the funeral home. As she got out of the car she said, “Now Chris, make sure you go to church.”
  • I’m sure there will be stories of how she shared about God on the plane!

We continue to marvel at how God is holding her up, how she depends on Him, gives Him praise, and speaks about Him to anyone and everyone she meets.

As you read this, would you pray for Aunt Dee?
It’s been a long month,
and Tuesday, July 23, 2013 she will bury her love,
her life partner of 71 years.
Thanks for holding her up before the Throne of Grace!



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Daily Life Guest Post

As we blog through The ABC’s of Homeschooling,

I got the letter D.

D for Daily Life

but I should have signed up for B

…as in B for Battle!

Daily Life here isn’t always pretty, peeps!

BUT, God is always working and I’m so thankful!

Click below to read the whole story & be encouraged! 🙂

JoyFilled Guest Post

 My Joy-Filled Life


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Uncle Sam
2 days shy of 92 years old
Soccer player
Italian connoisseur
Husband of 71 years

He went into ICU a few weeks ago with lung complications.
He got better and went to rehab.
We visited him last week.
He was still the jokester…
just a little slower

Uncle Sam & boys

Had to go back into ICU a few days ago.
Aunt Dee & I talked yesterday
praying for wisdom –
should she go home or stay at the hospital…
praying for healing
“God we know You can ultimately heal Uncle Sam.
We pray that You will heal him,
that he’d be able to skip the rehab and go right home”

And God said yes.

Just not the home we were expecting.
And the reality of eternity
and God’s perspective of what’s real
are just a little clearer today
even through the tears.


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